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Kos island holidays back on track

- by Archimedes

Kos island holidays back on track.

Kos is back on the holiday map after a surge in UK visitors to Kos in April. British arrivals at Kos airport jumped nearly 19% on April last year with 3,845 holidaymakers flying in from the UK alone. Total tourist arrivals on Kos from all over the world were 17,458, an increase of 10.6% on last April's figures.

It has confirmed reports fro all over the Greek Islands that the worst is over after dramatic drops in tourist numbers at the end of last season.

Street riots and strikes in protest at austerity measure imposed for bailout loans for the Greek economy saw holidaymakers cancel flights and hotel bookings in droves.

But this year has seen a dramatic turnaround in fortunes with some experts forecasting a record year for Greek Island holidays in 2012.

But while overseas visitors soared, Kos has seen a 16% drop in domestic arrivals to 7,100 as hard pressed Greeks decide to ditch holiday plans this year.

Other countries showing a rise in holiday visitors to Kos were France up 57%; Netherlands up 39.8%; Russia up 33%; Norway up 9.6% and Italy up 7.7%.

But Germans are still staying away from the Greek Islands this year as reflected in a 42% fall in arrivals on Kos in April at 1,421 compared to 2,446 last year. Other big fallers were Belgium down 51.4% and Lithuania down 11.3%. on last year.

According the figures from Kos Airport, flight arrivals on the island brought in a total of 19.318 holiday tourists in April while in 2012 the total number was 7,458 holidaymakers.