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Rhodes Island Greece is steeped in history, boasts 300 days sunshine a year and Is one of the most popular of the Greek beach holiday Islands. Rhodes lies at the southern end of the Dodecanese island chain that skirts the Turkish coast. Many resorts are devoted to package tourism but Rhodes is big enough to take all types of travellers — from beach holiday families to independent backpackers.

Rhodes may get a new Colossus statue

UK civil engineers are involved in the scheme to recreate the former Wonder of the Ancient World that once stood over the port of Rhodes. The original 30-metre bronze Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC.

homson Boeing737 manchester

Rhodes is set to greet the 'early-bird' British holiday arrivals in style with a special welcome reception. The Manchester flight by package holiday giant Thomson will just pip the post in starting the Greek holiday season on Rhodes this year.

villa de vechi rhodes

The cash-strapped Greek government is offering a 50-year lease on the abandoned Villa de Vecchi on Rhodes built for former fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

pink floyd mansion

The former beachfront mansion near the Rhodes holiday resort of Pefkos and which once hosted many of David Gilmour's celebrity friends has been put on the market at around €1.1.

rhodes storm

The sun-kissed island of Rhodes may be a blaze of sunshine during the peak summer holiday season but this winter is one of the worst ever with torrential downpours and floods.

rhodes storm

At least two people have died in storms that swept across the island of Rhodes. Two women have died on the Greek tourist island and two men are missing after heavy rainfall hit resorts.

Lindos castle and beach Rhodes

Latest figures reveal a major reversal of the tourism landscape in Rhodes with more Russian visitors arrivals than any other country, including former table toppers Britain and Germany

Lindos castle and beach Rhodes

Alarm bells are ringing after a pollution incident in the hugely popular holiday resort of . Pollution in the top holiday resort was a problem for many years until a new waste treatment system was put in place.

Racing yachts

Talks are under way to stage a major annual international yacht regatta and sailing competition on the holiday island of Rhodes. Island leaders say the even could bring in €60 million to local businesses each year and boost the island's economy.

Wilfires on Greek Island of Serifos

Holiday visitors to the popular are on a state of alert as wildfires threaten to spread. The annual round of forest fires on the Greek islands has hit yet again at the height of the summer holiday tourist season.

Rhodes city gates

Shopkeepers in the old medieval quarter of Rhodes have called for a ban on rogue street traders. Authorities have been urged to crackdown of the dozens of illegal street traders who make a living selling to Rhodes holiday tourists.

Rhodes Diagoras Airport

Tourists Airport face chaos and delays as the peak summer holiday season looms. Rhodes' Diagoras Airport handles nearly three million holiday visitors each year but many face delays and confusion as they pass through the airport terminal.

Medieval Rose Festival

Rhodes takes a trip back in time this month with its 'Medieval Rose' festival. The popular is now its seventh year. Holiday visitors will find streets in the old city crammed with 'crusaders' as locals stage events throughout the last two weeks in June.

Kolymbia harbour Rhodes

Bewildered holidaymakers on a visit to the holiday resort of Kolymbia on the Greek island of Rhodes are going round in circles. It's all thanks to a new one-way road traffic system that is causing chaos.

Rodini Park near Rhodes Greece

The Greek island of Rhodes has always been proud of its Rodini Valley Park which it promotes as a major Rhodes holiday attraction. Now the Rodini Valley park is to get its own management team to develop and promote the green space.


Tourists probably wouldn't find fighting off locusts one of the highlights of a beach holiday on Rhodes. Local farmers too are particularly concerned at the 'biblical' danger to crops if their numbers get too high.

Kos airport holiday arrivals

There are not enough airport police to deal with the holiday arrivals on Kos each year, the Greek government has been warned. Although Kos island has the same number of annual holiday arrivals as Corfu, it has three times fewer police officers.

Rhodes castle a major attraction

The city mayor of Rhodes has pledged to crack down on illegal street traders over the summer holiday season in Rhodes. Many say the traders add extra local colour to the street scene in old Rhodes where thousands of tourists are attracted to the medieval buildings.

Tsambika beach on Rhodes

Thousands turned out to give the beaches of Rhodes a massive clean-up in time for the 2013 tourist season. Organisers were astonished at the number volunteers who turned up for a 'Let's Do It Greece' beach resort cleaning day.

Afandou golf course

Plans to sell off the island-run golf course in the Rhodes resort of Afandou have sparked outrage. Islanders fear the sale to developers could mark the end of public access to the beach at Afandou.

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