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Alarm at pollution in Lindos

- by Archimedes

Alarm at pollution in Lindos.

Alarm bells are ringing after a pollution incident in the hugely popular holiday resort of Lindos on Rhodes. Pollution in the top holiday resort was a problem for many years until a new waste treatment system was put in place. But a sewage pollution incident in the Psaltou area of Lindos has raised concerns about whether the sewerage system is up to the job.

Prosecutors have questioned local people about the incident and ordered an investigation into what happened.

But not everyone is happy with the situation in Lindos, a beach resort that attracts thousands of holiday visitors each year and is considered one of the most attractive beach resorts on Rhodes.

An island newspaper is up in arms over the incident and claims the indifference to the incident could undermine tourism prospects for the whole of Rhodes.

An article said: "In any other tourist place on the planet it would be unacceptable and unthinkable to allow this sort of pollution to be caused by us."

A question mark still remains over the sewerage treatment system in Lindos where sewage and rainwater are mixed before being pumped out to sea

Some years ago the municipality of Lindos investigated plans to constructed a biological waste treatment plant to process the wastewater sewage before pumping it offshore.

But the project was abandoned and the contract never put into operation. Now there is talk of restoring the €1 million project.

Authorities hope to restore the project next month to improve sewage treatment facilities in Lindos and prevent any re-occurrence of the latest incident