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More tourists dock in Rhodes

- by Dave Sewel

More tourists dock in Rhodes.

Passenger traffic through the post of Rhodes, Greece rose by around 12,000 last month, according to immigration officials. A total of 98,889 passed through the ports in June compared to 86,629 in the same period last year. The main reason for the rise in tourist numbers was the large number of cruise ship which tied up in the port of Rhodes bringing in an estimated 70,000 tourists. 

A total in 72 cruise ships arrived in June while yacht numbers rose to 188.

Rhodes is hoping to cash in on changes in the operation of the cruise liners in Greece after a relaxation in protectionist laws that restricted companies with non-EU crews from landing in Greek ports to allow passengers to disembark.

According to the Hellenic Chamber of Greece the move to relax the law could allow Greek ports to more than its double revenues from  cruise companies and put Greece on a level with Spain, a country that makes about €1.2 billion annually from cruise liner fees.