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Rhodes acts to protect tourists

- by Dave Sewel

Rhodes acts to protect holiday tourists.

Port authorities in Rhodes are to crack down on activities that could cause problems or inconvenience to holiday visitors arriving in Rhodes. Street traders, room owners and others who pester tourists arrivals face tough action from the police as authorities try to promote quality tourism in the holiday island of Rhodes.

A spokesman said there was concern at 'the phenomenon of solicitation in areas showing a high concentration of tourists during the summer peak period.

"The unlawful activity, apart from the annoyance of tourists, is causing degradation of the tourist product of our country. "It is unacceptable . . . to harass the tourists who arrive in an area so they can receive travel, transportation other service catering, accommodation or entertainment.'

Other measures include tighter inspection of tourist boats, a crackdown on camping at archaeological sites and taxi drivers who harass Greek island holiday visitors to Rhodes.

Visitors who arrive on Rhodes by ferry can face a barrage of local traders offering cheap rooms, taxi rides and boat trips.

While some tourists welcome the offers of accommodation and transport, others can find it annoying and even frightening.

Now police have been told to eject anyone pestering visiting tourists unduly and to protect visitors from harassment, Port authorities have also been told to take what preventive measures they can to ensure visitors are treated properly.

Police have also been told to remove tents, trailers from restricted areas. 'Installing tents or parking homes near archaeological sites, sea and generally public spaces, attacks and degrades the environment and alters the natural beauty of areas, posing a risk of fire and public health. For these reasons it must be removed immediately,' said a spokesman.

Tourist boats will also be inspected rigorously to ensure boats are clean, in good order and meet regulations. Tourist boat owners have also been told to stick to safety rules and behave 'reasonably and with tact' when dealing with tourists.

The moves are all part of measures on Rhodes to boost the quality of tourist facilities on Rhodes as the numbers visiting the popular holiday island begin to recover.