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Rhodes tourists face airport chaos

- by Archimedes

Rhodes tourists face airport chaos.

Tourists flying into Rhodes Airport face chaos and delays as the peak summer holiday season looms, authorities have been warned. The biggest problem is the lack of co-operation between services and agencies which leave new arrivals to the island confused and bewildered.

A report says: "The complete lack of cooperation from the central agencies for tourism is creating a complicated puzzle of suffering for thousands of people who choose Rhodes to come and spend their holidays."

Rhodes' Diagoras Airport handles nearly three million holiday visitors each year but many face delays and confusion as they pass through the airport terminal.

Tourist leaders blame a lack of organisation and co-operation between rival organisation and agencies which struggle to solve their own individual problems with no over-arching plan.

The result is that holiday arrivals are taking longer and longer to get through the airport and away to their hotels. A recent problem with air conditioning saw temperatures soar inside airport buildings as hundreds of holidaymakers arrived.

Especially troubling is the low staffing levels at the airport medical centre, especially at weekends when passenger traffic levels can be particularly high.

Limited parking outside adds to the headaches and the lack of organisation in parking with taxis and hotel buses often parking on pavements, making it difficult for tourists dragging suitcases to find their way.

The report warns that things will get worse in July and August when holiday traffic in Rhodes is expected to peak. Rhodes Airport, otherwise known as Diagoras Airport, is located 16 Km south-west of Rhodes town, on the northern coast

The airport was built in 1977 and a new terminal opened in 2005 to cope with rising holiday traffic levels It is one of the busiest airports in Greece.

Tourist leaders warn that first and last impressions are important in creating a good holiday image for Rhodes and that airport problems must be addressed if Rhodes is to stay a major beach holiday destination in the Greek islands.