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Rhodes holidays a hit with Russians

- by Dabs Banner

'a major reversal of the tourism landscape'.

The rising popularity of Greek Island holidays with the Russians seems almost without end as numbers keep on growing. Latest figures reveal a major reversal of the tourism landscape in Rhodes with more Russian visitors to Greece this year than any other country, including Britain and Germany.

UK and German holidaymakers once topped the table of holiday visitors by a large margin but the Russian holiday tourist market is now the biggest growth area for tourism on Rhodes.

In terms of overall traffic September has been one of the best months for Rhodes this year beating last year's record visitors and breaking through the 300,000 barrier.

In September, holiday charter flights to Rhodes flew in a total of 313,151 passengers compared to 280,876 last year, an increase of 11.5%

But the biggest surprise was that UK holiday visitors dropped to second place and German came in the third, followed by Israelis and Italians who occupied the fourth and fifth places.

Russian visitors to Rhodes came in top of the table with 53,956 arrivals in September, a jump on 64% on last year while UK holidaymakers rose only 7% to 38,456.

Figures for cruise ship visits to Rhodes were, however, disappointing as marine tourism continues to fall and fewer cruise ships dock in Rhodes.

Port authorities recorded 57 cruise ship arriving in Rhodes carrying total of 58,445 passengers, while in September last year there were 72 cruise ship visits to Rhodes beinging 69,192 holiday visitors.

Rhodes is one of the most popular holiday islands in Greece, steeped in ancient history and claiming over 300 days of clear sunshine a year.

Rhodes is located to the south of the Dodecanese island group that follows the coast of Turkey and its sandy beaches and ancient sites make it one of the most highly prized holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

Many beach resorts in the north and east are geared to package tourism and the top holiday hotspots are packed with fun loving holiday crowds.

But Rhodes is big enough to accommodate the high visitor numbers and the south of the island has many wild and windswept beaches to escape the crowds.