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Rhodes medieval fair festival

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Rhodes medieval fair festival.

Rhodes takes a trip back in time this month with its 'Medieval Rose' festival. The popular Rhodes island attraction is now its seventh year. Holiday visitors to the Greek island of Rhodes will find streets in the old city crammed with 'crusaders' as locals stage events throughout the last two weeks in June.

As well as staging scenes of everyday life in olden days, the Medieval Rhodes festival organisers have also laid on a string cultural events that will attract tourist visitors.

This has beens achieved with the help of historians, archaeologists, actors, musicians, artists, craftsmen and a whole host of volunteers who try t bring the medieval days to life again.

Events this year include guides tours of Rhodes Medieval City, a dragon parade with medieval music and a 'Middle Ages' day in the castle moat with sword fighting, archery, horse riding, falconry and many other activities.

Other resorts across the Greek island of Rhodes will be joining in the fun. At the popular holiday resort of Lindos there is a medieval Fayre and the Fires of the ancient Custom of Saint John Klidonas while the village of Monolithos stages its own Castle Fayre with live music, story-telling under the stars, traditional food and much more.

The old town of Rhodes is an ideal setting for a medieval fair as the modern inhabitants on the 150 acre site live in the same houses that were once used by the Knights of St. John 600 years ago.

The medieval town layout copies French cities of the 14th century with a wall dividing the northern part with its inner Acropolis and the official buildings of the Knights, from the southern part where most people lived.

Thousands of holiday visitors on Rhodes pour through the old city each year to see the ancient walls with their bastions, battlements, towers and gates.

The imposing buildings, studded with coat-of-arms, lined with Gothic windows and paved courtyards take Rhodes holiday visitors centuries back in time.