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Rhodes tourist train plan derailed

- by Archimedes

Rhodes tourist train plan derailed.

Plans to launch a tourist train through the historic centre of medieval Rhodes have been derailed. But a scheme to run a tourist train through a popular butterfly valley have been given the go-ahead. The municipality of Rhodes ruled that the proposed route of the tourist train through the heart of the medieval city could be risky for the thousands of holiday visitors that walk around the medieval city streets.

But they did back plans for 'solar cycles' to take two Rhodes tourist passengers at a time along designated routes past many of the historic buildings.

And they unanimously backed plans to run a tourist train through the Valley of the Butterflies in the south of Rhodes. The route will take holiday visitors along a 4,700 metre route starting from the taxi station in Kalopetra.

It was said the tourist train project would "be running in an area of high tourist interest and exceptional natural beauty."

But they threw out schemes for open-top buses and another tourist train in other areas of Rhodes.

They ruled that the routes of an open-top bus in Lardos and another in Lindos, as well as a tourist train in Kallithea, would include stops in front of holiday hotels and would compete directly with public transport projects.