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Rhodes needs ban on traders

- by Dabs Banner

Rhodes needs ban on traders.

Shopkeepers in the old medieval quarter of Rhodes have called for a ban on rogue street traders. Authorities have been urged to crackdown of the dozens of illegal street traders who make a living selling to Rhodes holiday tourists. Local politicians claim illegal traders have taken over the streets of the old medieval city of Rhodes and call on police to clear them away.

They claim the situation in Old Rhodes has 'got out of control' with illegal traders setting up stalls and squats with impunity.

Thousands of holiday visitors tour the streets and battlements of the historic medieval Rhodes Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site – every day.

They make prime targets for local traders who offer everything from sweets and snacks to designer clothes and handbags.

The medieval town in Rhodes was mainly built by the Knights of the Order of St John and walking the streets is like stepping back in time (if you ignore the other tourists).

At the heart of the city is the Street of the Knights which climbs the hill to the Palace of the Grand Master. Visitors can wander the paved alleys, go under gateways and colonnades, cross squares and investigate obscure courtyards surrounded by battlement walls and dotted with Byzantine churches.

There are 11 gates into the old city as well as six wide entrance ways into the medieval town as well as several small ones.

Visitors are often pestered by traders and street beggars who mingle with the crowds and disappear quickly if police arrive.

Now local politicians claim the beggars and traders are threatening the livelihood of legal traders who pay taxes and fees for their trading places.