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Tax raids on Greek beach sunbeds

Tax raids on Greek beach holiday sunbeds.

Tax officials have raided beach sunbed operators on a Rhodes beach in a tough crackdown on tax evasion. Officials from the Special Audit Office (SDOE) carried out early morning raids on sunbed operators on Tsambika beach on Rhodes in a bid to detect tax cheats. They found that many operators had not registered their business with tax officials despite claiming sole trading rights over large areas of the holiday beach.

According to reports, of the 20 'businesses' charging tourists for umbrellas and sunbeds on the holiday beach of Tsampika, more than half did not meet minimum legal trading requirements.

When officials tried to trace owners of some of the sunbeds they found they had 'disappeared'. Operators normally rent beach areas from the Municipality of Rhodes and should pay tax on their profits. But many do not have cash registers and they often fail to keep proper records.

The Special Audit Service is to carry out more raids on beaches this summer in order to stamp out tax evasion.

Tsampika or Tsambika is a one kilometre stretch of deep, golden sand and one of the most beautiful to be found on holiday island of Rhodes.

Tsambika beach Rhodes sits beneath two huge rock outcrops about 26km from Rhodes Town. Tsambika beach is covered in sunbeds for most of its length with several beach cantinas serving the basics.

Tsambika beach is good, soft sand and the water is shallow and calm for about 50 metres out to sea, so this is a very popular spot with families.

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  • Donald

    And about time too.The illegal rental of villas are also now be targeted as they equate to many millions of illegal income over the season

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