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Symi island news and views

Symi is a small Greek holiday islands in the Dodecanese just off the Turkish coast and near to the Greek holiday island of Rhodes. Symi is a popular destination for day trippers and noted more for peace and tranquillity than for its beaches, which are in short supply. The neo-classical mansions that hang off the hills around the main port of Symi are a reminder of the rich pickings once enjoyed by the island's inhabitants.

Harbour at Symi Greece
Symi movie

The holiday island of Symi looks set to be the backdrop for a low budget horror movie. Moviemakers have raised cash backing to film 'The Judas Curse' on Symi island later this year.

Symi harbour
Symi visitors soar

Everyone in the Greek Islands welcomes this year's rise in tourist visitor numbers but it has brought some problems too. The island of Symi, in particular, is suffering under the weight of tourists who arrive on cruise liners and daily boat trips.

Symi island cruise ship
Symi delays

Tourism leaders are warning that cruise ship visitors to Symi are facing long queues at passport control. Now travel agents are calling for government help to deal with passport checks on visitors sailing into the island's main harbour.

Symi ferry Skiadeni
Symi ferry starts

Greek island visitors can enjoy a new holiday service to Symi after the launch of the ferry boat Panagia Skiadeni. The ferry service started on April 1 with regular services on most days of the week between Symi and Rhodes.

Harbour at Symi Greece
Symi volcano poser

Evidence of volcanic activity near the Greek island of Symi has raised questions of who would 'own' any new volcano that might emerge from the sea - Greece or Turkey. Seismologists report considerable volcanic activity in the sea

The Proteus sails into Rhodes harbour
Symi sailing pledge

Visitors hoping to catch a Symi holiday ferry this summer have been given reassurances that the car ferry service from Rhodes will continue. A row broke out when rival ferry operators wrote to the the mayor of Symi warning of problems . . .

Gialos harbour on Symi
Storm brews

Tourism on the Greek island of Symi could collapse if nothing is done to clean up pollution and provide safer drinking water, officials have been warned. Sewage outflows into the sea at Gialos and the nearby holiday resort of Pedi . . .

Wind power on Greek islands
Wind power plans

Many smaller Greek islands plan on going green in the near future by meeting the full total of all their power needs entirely from renewable energy sources.