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Symi island set for movie shoot

- by Dabs Banner

Symi island set for movie shoot.

The holiday island of Symi looks set to be the backdrop for a low budget horror movie. Moviemakers have raised cash backing to film 'The Judas Curse' on Symi island later this year. The atmospheric island with its neoclassical buildings is reckoned the perfect setting for a horror movie.

Those behind 'The Judas Curse' hope the movie will help promote the popular holiday islands to a new audience.

British writer James Collins, who lives on Symi, thinks the barren landscape of craggy rocks and wild coast provides a great backdrop.

The film's plot is based on supernatural events ignite the suppressed memories and fears of a man returning to his childhood home following his abusive father's death.

Cash was raised through the Kickstarter website which appeals for public donations to help fund projects such as this.

The film project by 1066 Productions Ltd raised more than £20,000 in less than a month

British actors Kurtis Stacey (Emmerdale), Rebecca Grant (Holby City, Prisoners' Wives) and Lorna Doyle (The Tudors) are signed up alongside veteran actor Richard Syms and one of Germany's top TV performers Wookie Mayer.

The Judas Curse was specially written for various Symi locations which is why the island is considered almost a character in its own right.

The Judas Curse will be shot on the Greek island of Symi in October and released in the first half of 2014.