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The Greeks are not known for their fine cuisine but it can be healthy — plenty of salads and olive oil. Dishes are mainly borrowed from the Italians and Turks but Greek has enjoyed something of a revival and supermarket shelves display their share of Greek-style yoghurt and cheese while the Mediterranean diet is world famous for its health benefits. Chicken is cheap, lamb delicious, omelettes wonderful and Greek yoghurt and honey out of this world.

Feta cheese board

Greek Feta must be made in the Greek regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Peloponnese or the Greek island of Lesvos.

Ouzo glasses on taverna table

For many years Greek ouzo was considered a drink only for the older generation but nowadays it has picked up a cool reputation among the young.

greek salad feta cheese

A recent EU trade deal with Canada that includes clauses that remove PDO protection for feta cheese has prompted outrage among Greek dairy farmers.

olive oil bottles

Unlike Greek wine, olive oil has enjoyed little backing in recent years despite it being acknowledged may many cooks as the best olive oil on the market.

spanakopita cheese pie

Holiday visitors to the Greek islands increasingly opt for traditional dishes and fewer restaurants have signs boasting roast beef and fish 'n chips, at least in resorts not overrun by tourists.

Greek olive oil

Olive oil producers are used to good and bad years in what has always been a very cyclical industry but all agree that the harvest throughout southern Europe this year has been particularly poor.

greek herbs

Holiday visitors to the Greek islands will often see market stalls piled high with sachets of sage and other Greek herbs but concern is growing at the black market in wild Greek herbs.

nisos beer

The Greek beer Nisos, brewed on the Cycladic island of Tinos, took the silver trophy at the contest held in Germany. The European Beer Star Award is one of the most prestigious in Europe,


There are plenty of theories on why Greek food tastes so good. Some say it's not just the lack of pesticide use but also includes the mineral-rich soils and abundant sunshine.

Fresh Veg

Greek cuisine is becoming a popular export with gastrophiles from across Europe embracing delicious mediterranean cooking. Recipe websites record many searches for traditional Greek delicacies, and restaurants outside of Greece will often offer Greek dishes on their menus.

olive oil bottles

Greece says has no plans to lift laws banning the mixing of olive oil with other cheaper oils in a clear rejection of a much-touted proposal in a recent economic report.

greek olives

A poor harvest looks set to send the price of Greek olives soaring. Bad weather in mainland Greece and on much of the southern Mediterranean has led to a shortage of table olives.

boutari wine barrels

The wine of Greece has not enjoyed the best of reputations. That is fast changing as Greek wines enjoy something of a renaissance, with the Boutari winemakers of Santorini leading the way.

greek salad feta cheese

Greece has pledged to use all legal means, including a veto, to stop the foreign 'feta' imports into the European Union so food lovers can look forward to genuine 'feta' cheese when in Greece.

The Greek breakfast

Eating out in a is just one of the memories many bring back from a Greek Island holiday. Now holidaymakers can recapture the taste on a newly launched English language version of the "Greek Breakfast".

Greek taverna sticker

Visitors to the Greek islands this autumn are advised to look for a special blue sticker when choosing a . The sticker shows that the taverna or cafe have passed on savings to customers after a drop in VAT which came into effect in August

Taverna tables on Zante

Holidaymakers in Greece should see menu prices drop in Greek holiday tavernas after a cut in taxes for restaurants, bars and cafes. The Greek government announced VAT rates imposed for food sold in restaurants and hotel is to be cut to 13%.

Greek grapes

Greek wines are making a bit of a comeback with a sharp rise in demand despite the country's ailing economy Greek wine producers are enjoying a big rise in demand not only from abroad but also from Greece itself.

Greek taverna Leros

Most tourists choose traditional Greek products when on holiday according to research. Greek Island visitors combine visits to the taverna with some other tourist activity such a sunbathing or walking.


Sunshine may be fine for Greek Island holidaymakers but it looks like hitting Greek olive oil producers hard this year. The situation is very bad in where growers forecast catastrophic losses more than 80% in this year's olive crop.

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