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The Greeks are not known for their fine cuisine but it can be healthy - plenty of salads and olive oil. Dishes are mainly borrowed from the Italians and Turks but Greek has enjoyed something of a revival and supermarket shelves display their share of Greek-style yoghurt and cheese while the Mediterranean diet is world famous for its health benefits. Chicken is cheap, lamb delicious, omelettes wonderful and Greek yoghurt and honey out of this world.

Grilled sardines at festival
Crete sardine festival

Holiday visitors to Crete island will find sardines on the menu when the 17th Sardine Festival gets under way in Chania this week Grilled sardines are served up for free on the beach of Nea Chora on Monday, September 5 along with Cretan wine . . .

greek salad feta cheese
Fears rise over Greek feta

The future of Greek feta cheese could be under threat in the wake of a new international trade deal with Canada includes clauses that remove PDO protection for feta.

Feta cheese board
Fine facts about Feta

Feta is the best known of Greek cheeses and considered a healthy option when it comes to choosing a cheese.

Taverna tables on Zante
Taverna prices

Holidaymakers in Greece should see menu prices drop in Greek holiday tavernas after a cut in taxes for restaurants, bars and cafes. The Greek government announced VAT rates imposed for food sold in restaurants and hotel is to be cut to 13%.

olive oil bottles
Greece stays pure on olive oil

Greece is to keep its olive oil 'pure' by continuing a nationwide ban on blending it with cheaper vegetable oils over fears it could spoil one of the country's signature products

Greek vineyard on Kefalonia
Greek island wine harvest

A few bottles of wine usually feature on any holiday break in the Greek Islands, although Greek wine is not usually the first wine of choice. And as if Greece's economic problems were not enough this year, it now appears that Greek's grape harvest . . .

nisos beer
Greek beer takes silver

A Greek beer has taken silver at the European Beer Star Awards, the first time ever that a Greek beer has figured in the prizewinners. The Greek beer Nisos is brewed on Tinos.

The Greek breakfast
Greek Breakfast

Eating out in a Greek taverna is just one of the memories many bring back from a Greek Island holiday. Now holidaymakers can recapture the taste on a newly launched English language version of the "Greek Breakfast".

Fresh Veg
Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is becoming a popular export with gastrophiles from across Europe embracing delicious mediterranean cooking. Recipe websites record many searches for traditional Greek delicacies, and restaurants outside of Greece will often offer Greek dishes on their menus.

olive oil bottles
Greek olive oil best in Med

Olive oil is one of Greece's best products so why do we see so little in UK shop? The answer is the failure of the Greek government to promote the product.

greek olives
Greek olives in short supply

A poor harvest looks set to send the price of Greek olives soaring. Bad weather in mainland Greece and on much of the southern Mediterranean has led to a shortage of table olives.

Greek favourite - beef stifado
Recipe: Beef stifado

Stifado is a traditional Greek dish served up by virtually every Greek Island taverna. Stifado is a meaty stew made with shallot onions and should be pronounced stifatho rather than stifado with emphasis on the 'fa'. The meat is usually beef . . .

Lamb stifado or 'bandit's lamb'
Recipe: Lamb kleftiko

Lamb kleftiko is one of the most popular traditional Greek dishes and you will be hard put on a Greek island holiday to find a decent taverna that does not include lamb kleftiko on the menu

Greek beach taverna
Greek taverna prices set to rise

Tourist visitors on Greek Island holidays will soon notice an effect on their wallets when soft drink prices rise sharply in September. The Greek government has announced an increase in VAT from 13% to 23% for all soft drinks . . .

Greek taverna sticker
Taverna sticker

Visitors to the Greek islands this autumn are advised to look for a special blue sticker when choosing a Greek holiday taverna. The sticker shows that the taverna or cafe have passed on savings to customers after a drop in VAT which came into effect in August

Greek grapes
Greek wines acclaimed

Greek wines are making a bit of a comeback with a sharp rise in demand despite the country's ailing economy Greek wine producers are enjoying a big rise in demand not only from abroad but also from Greece itself.

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