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Visitors prefer to eat Greek

- by Archimedes

Visitors prefer to eat Greek.

Holiday customers prefer traditional Greek foods when they visit a taverna, according to a recent survey. Visitors to the Greek islands will see many Greek tavernas offering an English menu to attract more customers but the owners could be missing out. Most tourists choose traditional Greek products when on holiday according to research data from the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce.

The research find that most Greek Island visitors combine visits to the taverna with some other tourist activity such a sunbathing or walking.

When they stop for lunch or an evening meal most will ignore English food and choose a traditional Greek meal such as Greek salad, souvlaki or moussaka.

The research also finds: 'A small percentage of tourists combine visits to tourist sites of archaeological interest and to museums with purchases, and a smaller percentage of about 16% combines purchases with their night out.'

The research investigates the consumer profile of tourists, the way they organise travel and accommodation and their opinions on shopping and eating out while on holiday in the Greek Islands.

It appears that most visitors come with a willingness to buy Greek products during their holidays and are less likely to make purchases that can be found in their own countries.

Taverna owners offering English meals only may be losing out on an increasing willingness on the part of visitors to try local products.

If you take a holiday in Greece this year it might be a good idea to try the local cherries. The Greek cherry season is in full swing and farmers expect a very good crop this year.

A spokesman said: "The weather in Greece has been very good up to now and the picking is just about to begin. We expect a very good harvest."

Poor weather has hit cherry picking in Holland and Belgium this year and Greek cherry exporters expect very good sales this year.