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Greek Breakfast site in English

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Greek Breakfast site in English.

Eating out in a Greek taverna is just one of the memories many bring back from a Greek Island holiday. Now holidaymakers can recapture the taste on a newly launched English language version of the "Greek Breakfast". The website is the initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and is designed to promote Greek food and the Mediterranean diet.

The English-language website gives information on Greek food and lists Greek hotels where visitors can taste the best of local Greek gastronomy.

Visitors can also learn about the history of the most important Greek products and pick up many recipe ideas based on local Greek Island dishes.

Delicious recipes include how to make a quince marmalade from Thassos while specialist Greek products include the plums from Skopelos, a fleshy dark coloured plum that is used widely on the island for making plum puddings and pies.

Also features is the louza from Mykonos, one of the best cured meats and on a par with top European ones such as the Italian prosciutto.

The ruby red louza from Mykonos and variations from Syros, Andros, Tinos and Santorini are considered a real delicacy.

The original "Greek Breakfast" idea was launched in 2010 to promote Greek food and Greek products.

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels has been running since 1935 and is consulted by the Greek government on matters of tourism.

The Mediterranean Diet is not just a modern dietary trend but, according to UNESCO, is an "intangible cultural heritage of mankind".

Hotels awarded the Greek Breakfast label offer their guests the chance to discover hundreds of small gastronomic treasures from every part of Greece and the Greek Islands.