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Taverna outrage at olive oil ban

- by Archimedes

Taverna outrage at olive oil ban.

A proposed ban on olive oil drizzlers on Greek Island taverna tables has been dropped less than a week after it was proposed. EU plans to bring in new rules on serving olive oil to diners triggered outrage in restaurants across Greece and the Greek Islands.

The Commission was set to ban restaurants and tavernas serving olive oil in refillable jugs or bowls in a move designed to protect holiday customers from fraud.

But the plan has been dropped following complaints from political leaders in Greece, France and the Netherlands.

Announcing the U-turn EU farm commissioner, Dacian Colios, said it was clear that public opinion did not support the move.

The proposed ban was designed to stop taverna owners filling table pourers with cheap olive oil and charging high prices by claiming it was high quality.

But critics dubbed the plan interfering, bureaucratic and unenforceable. They asked if 'olive oil police' were about to tour Greek tavernas at night checking on olive oil supplies.

Others complained that most olive oil fraud occurs before the oil reaches taverna tables such as when inferior oil is sold on as high quality virgin cold pressed olive oil, a practice well known in countries like Italy.

Ciolos said the EU would now consider revised rules to protect olive oil producers after consultations with manufacturers, consumer groups and the restaurant industry and promised to avoid any unnecessary red tape.

Under the proposed regulations Greek tavernas would have been forced to use sealed, non-refillable bottles and disposed of them when they were empty.