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Brits plan Greek holidays in 2012

- by Archimedes

Brits plan Greek holidays in 2012.

Companies promoting holidays in the Greek Islands hope to cash in on plans by British holidaymakers to opt for short-haul European holidays in 2012.

Latest surveys suggest Brits will look to take advantage of hard-hit Eurozone countries to make the most of their holiday spending cash next year.

Despite money problems at home, survey show at least 88% of UK holidaymakers plan at least one short-haul trip abroad next year with most opting for the Greek Islands and Spain.

Even the Olympics will fail to dent 2012 holiday plans, with two thirds saying the sports extravaganza will not keep them from flying out on a summer beach holiday.

And with Greek holiday hotels dropping their 2012 prices in response to severe setbacks in the domestic market it looks like British travellers will look to the Greek Islands to get some of the best holiday deals next year.

It follows a bumper year for holidays in the Greek Islands with visitor numbers in 2011 up 10% despite economic problems both in Britain and Greece.

The holidays that look most likely to suffer are the more expensive long-haul destinations as around two thirds say they will be cutting back on high cost holidays.

Worries over the state of the British economy is the biggest concern for holiday Brits in making their 2012 travel plans.

Although nearly 80% of Brits plan to stay at in the UK for at least one holiday break in 2012 only 40% have no plans at all to go abroad next year – roughly the same as last year.