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Greek curbs planned on drunk Brits

- by Dabs Banner

Greek curbs planned on drunk Brits.

Greek island holidaymakers may soon no longer have to tolerate boozed-up youngsters on the streets of the most popular Greek resorts.

Mayors of party resort islands in Greece are to consider out-of-town zones for pubs, clubs and discos where badly behaved youngsters can be segregated from other holidaymakers.

Popular Greek islands like Rhodes, Crete, Zante, Corfu and Crete are considering moves to force late-night bars and clubs to move out of town.

The initiative follows the recent fatal stabbing of a 19-year-old British teenager in a bar brawl in the Crete holiday hotspot of Malia.

Senior officials from the tourism ministry, police and even the British embassy are expected to attend a meeting in Athens this autumn on cleaning up Greek Island party resorts.

Local Greeks are increasingly incensed at the lewd, drunken and loutish behaviour of British teenagers abroad, the promotion of bar crawls by UK tour companies and the provision of cheap liquor in local bars and clubs.

Now the alcohol-fuelled antics of young holidaymakers could be confined to special zones, away from holiday resort centres, where behaviour can be more closely monitored,

The owners of clubs and bars who wanted to cater for younger visitors may have to obtain special licences and expect to promote reasonable behaviour of clients.

Greek Deputy Interior Minister Christos Markoyiannakis has already had talks with British Foreign Office officials over curbs on drunken British tourists on Greek island holidays.

Tourist resorts like Malia on Crete, Faliraki on Rhodes, Kavos on Corfu and Laganas on Zante are considered 'anything goes' destinations for young British tourists every summer.

Greek officials claim to been given warnings from British tour operators that they will 'pull out' of popular Greek resorts if authorities try to introduce measures to curb bad behaviour.

According to press reports, more rapes of British women occur in Greece then in other holiday destination with drunken Brits mainly linked to the attacks.