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Greek island holidays among the cheapest

- by Archimedes

Greek island holidays among the cheapest.

Plunging hotel and food prices have helped make Greek islands beach holidays among the cheapest in Europe this year. Latest figures show that prices in Greece have dropped 15% since last year and are down more than 20% on 2011 prices. Tourism leaders expect the price plunge to give an even bigger boost to Greek holiday visitors this year.

Spain keeps its crown as the Europe's cheapest holiday destination for Brits, with holidays in Turkey and Cyprus close behind.

But Greece is heading up the charts fast and the good news for Greek Island visitors this year is that widespread cost-cutting has seen the price of a basket of typical tourist goods drop 18% in Greece.

The images of protests and strikes last year sent tremors through the Greek Islands holiday market as thousands cancelled or delayed holidays plans in Greece.

But 2013 has triggered a remarkable turnaround with visitor numbers well up on last year and a record-breaking 17 million holiday visitors forecast this year.

But it's not just home-grown holiday watchers that have noticed the price plunge. An American website Price of Travel has included three Greek islands in its list of the 10 cheapest beach destinations to be found in Europe.

The island of Kos ranked fifth with "hotels in Kos generally affordable and offering good value" while Milos island came sixth and Rhodes made eighth place.

Hotel prices in Greece climbed steadily for some years after 2008 but, following the country's financial bailout, prices dropped sharply and Greece and the Greek Islands now boast some of the cheapest destinations in Europe for beach holidays.