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Greece gets late season boost

- by Jeremy Guest

Best October figures ever recorded.

Attempts to extend the Greek Island holiday season look to have been highly successful with the best ever October figures ever recorded for international arrivals in Greece.

Latest figures show 21.5% more holidaymakers flying in during October 2103 compared to the same month last year.

The holiday figures confirm moves by Greek tourism leaders this year to lengthening the tourist season and bring in more tourists in both the early and late months of the season.

The late October holiday surge takes the growth in tourist arrivals this year to 10.9% compared to the same period last year.

It is not only the Greek Islands that have benefited from the growth in tourism this year. Figures from the Tourism Ministry show October visitors to Athens jumped 13.2%.

Other Greek holiday destinations that saw big rises in October arrivals were Kalamata which has just over 4,000 visitors compared to just 363 last year.

Greek Islands that notched up impressive October figures were Santorini with an visitor increase in arrivals of 59, Kos with 49% and Chania in Crete which has 47% more end of season arrivals.

Many other islands saw an increase in late season holiday visitors this year with Corfu up 24%, Rhodes 25%, Skiathos 19% and Kefalonia 7%.

Some islands saw a fall on last year however with Zante down 12% and Samos down 16% while Mykonos attracted 8% fewer visitors than October 2012.

More visitors also took an interest in the Greek way of life with a rise in traffic at museums and archaeological sites, according to data from the Greek Statistical Authority.

During the first seven months of 2013 there was a 17% increase in visitors to museums and similarly 12% rise in revenue compared to 2012.

The numbers of visitors to archaeological sites rose 28% and a corresponding increase of 19% in money taken in entrance fees and in sales.
Tourists looking to book Greek Islands holidays in 2014 look set to find basic commodities a lot cheaper as figures show the price of household goods in Greece at their lowest for 50 years.

Shopping baskets items in Greece, from milk and bread to medicine, have registered their lowest prices with a drop of 2% in October alone and only the price of tobacco has risen since 2011.

The average Greeks income has also declined by a third since the country fell into recession and average wages now make Greeks 40% poorer than in 2008 when the recession hit.