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Advert campaign for Greek holidays

- by Jeremy Guest

Advert campaign for Greek holidays.

Tourism leaders are set to launch a massive advertising campaign to promote Greek Islands holidays this year. The move comes as visitor numbers soar and Greek island airports and ferry ports report large increases in arrivals on Greek islands across the Aegean. Now ordinary Greeks have been urged to get behind the campaign and make holiday visitors feel more welcome than ever.

TheGreek Tourism Ministry announced the new campaign will urge all Greek citizens to highlight Greece's unique beauty and 'show the country's best face' to and remind the world how hospitable Greeks are.

reek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni said this is not just another tourism awareness campaign.

She said: "We must highlight Greece's treasure of values, history and memories and show that brand 'Greece' is powerful and can withstand any crisis."

The campaign's slogan is 'Greece, the richest country in the world' and includes four videos that will be posted online over the summer holiday season.

Campaign leaders will also use social media and social messaging services to 'raise awareness and attract more tourists to Greece'.

Industry analysts forecast a turnaround in Greek holiday fortunes for 2013. Popular islands such as Zakynthos (Zante) report a 12.5% hike in holiday arrivals in June with some 655 charter flight aircraft bringing in 94,431 passengers.

As expected the UK led the Zante influx with 228 charter flights in June carrying 44,353 passengers in total. Russia followed with 65 June flights bring 10,445 visitors while Czechs and Poles are arriving in increasing numbers at 6,895 and 7,623 respectively.