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Scuba diving call for Greek holidays

- by Jeremy Guest

Scuba diving call for Greek holidays.

Rhodes must do more to attract holidaymakers all year round with activities such as Greek Island scuba diving, a tourist conference has been told. Although Rhodes boasts 350 days of sunshine a year the main Rhodes holiday season lasts for only four months.

Delegates at a tourism conference were warned that the Greek Islands tourist season is short compared to holiday destinations with similar amounts of sunshine.

During spring and autumn, hotels are closed and people jobless despite sunny weather and high temperatures.

Rhodes was compared to places like Florida in the US which has a similar climate but where the high season lasts a full eight months of the year.

Holiday resorts like Florida have expanded to encompass activities other than standard beach holidays. Florida, for example, has a large number of aircraft flying schools that take advantage of the good weather in the region.

Rhodes could do the same and promote its undersea diving in a similar way in order to attract more tourists to Rhodes out of season, delegates were told.

The Greek islands are in an ideal position to capture the tourist scuba diving market in the Mediterranean just as diving tourism developed in Red Sea has been shaken by political instability in Egypt.

Rhodes is an ideal island to develop underwater dive parks that could extend the tourist season well into November when waters around the Greek Islands are still relatively warm.

Many Greek islands also have natural warm springs and the promotion of spa tourism could be high on the agenda as should mountain climbing and hill walking – all of which could extend the normal tourist season and bring jobs to Rhodes and other Greek Islands beyong the usual beach holiday season.