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Holiday prices tumble in the Greek Islands

- by Jeremy Guest

Holiday prices tumble in the Greek Islands.

Visitors continue to cash in on Greek Islands holidays as hotel prices continue their downward tumble across the whole country. The average cost of holiday hotel rooms across Greece has fallen a further 1.6% in August as the economic slowdown fails to bottom out. It makes a holiday in Greece now cheaper than its neighbour Turkey, it's biggest rival in the summer holiday market.

Latest average online prices for an overnight stay in a double room is now €119 compared to €121 last year and €129 in 2009.

It puts Greece mid-table in the holiday hotel price league where Romania has the lowest room rates at €64 closely followed by Bulgaria at €68. Switzerland has the most expensive holiday hotel rooms at €201 with Norway second at €178.

The biggest falls in Greece have been in the capital Athens where several hotels have closed this summer. The average price of a hotel room in Athens is now only €80 – down 12.5% on last year as hotels bid to fill empty rooms.

This compares well with neighbouring capital Istanbul which has an average online room price of €117. London still leads the way for room prices in capital cities at a whopping €229, followed by Edinburgh at €224.

The price drop comes as the Greek economy shrank 6.2% as the country battle with belt-tightening targets to meet tough conditions imposed for continued bailouts from Europe.

There are also still some great bargains to be found on package holidays to Greece as companies slash prices to boost demand in the Greek islands.

The figures also come as hotel search engine Trivago says online visitors ranked thee Greek Island holiday beaches among the top ten beaches in Europe this year.

The three were Navagio (Shipwreck) beach on Zante, Egremni beach on the Ionian island of Lefkas and the spectacular Elafonisi beach in western Crete. Detailed descriptions of all three beaches feature on the Greek Island Holidays website.