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Greek island hotel prices plunge

- by Dave Sewel

Greek island hotel prices plunge.

A huge drop in prices has made a Greece holiday hotel room the fifth cheapest in Europe this year. A double digit fall in hotel room charges last month brings the average price for a double room in Greece to €79, down 12% on April 2012, according to the hotel booking site Trivago.

The firm has detailed the average on-line rates for a double room booking in all the popular European holiday resorts and cities.

Despite the cheaper hotel room rates, Greece now ranks a mediocre 32 in the world for attracting visitors, down three places on its 2011 placing, according to a world-wide survey.

Switzerland, Germany and Austria top the poll in travel and tourism competitiveness, with Spain, the UK, the US, France, Canada, Sweden and Singapore making up the top ten slots.

And international arrivals at Athens airport are also down for the year so far with almost 10% fewer flight arrivals in the three months to March and a 6.6% drop in numbers at airports in the rest of Greece and the Greek Islands.

According to data from the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises the number of international arrivals from January to March only reached 519,560 compared to 556,454 for the same period in 2012.

At least the decline slowed up in March, at 1.4%, against a drop of 6.5% in February and 12.6% in January, compared to last year. And early indications for April show a reverse in the trend with expectations of a rise on last year's figures for both Greece and the Greek Islands