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Rise in Greek hotel prices

- by Jeremy Guest

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The cost of a holiday in the Greek Islands should stay competitive next year after major package holiday firms like TUI and Thomas Cook held local hotel owners to an average three per cent rise in room prices. An average growth of around three per cent was reached in contracts agreed between Greek hoteliers and foreign tour operators for tourist season 2014.

Although there were isolated cased of double digit rises in some markets, the overall deal means the cost of a holiday in the Greek Islands should rise pretty much with inflation.

Hotel owners slashed prices last year in a bid to stimulate the weak holiday market fallout from the social unrest triggered by the Greek government's austerity measures.

A major recovery in the Greek Island holiday market this year prompted fears of a major hike in prices but, thanks to the latest deal, Greece looks like being a destination that will offer plenty of cheap holiday deals in 2014.

Experts forecast a 10% rise in holiday visitors this year and hope are high for a record breaking 17.5 million holidaymakers by the end of the season.

Tour company giant TUI has already announced it will fly in a further 300,000 holidaymakers in 2014 as it cashes in on the growth in the Greek Islands holiday market.

The latest deal will put Greece in a stronger position to compete with Spain where holidays look set to be five per cent more expensive next summer as Spanish hoteliers signed off contracts with major tour operators TUI and Thomas Cook.

Social unrest in Egypt and Turkey is also likely to help the Greek Islands holiday market in 2014 as holidaymakers seek alternative destinations in the Mediterranean.