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Sailing: the way to see the Greek Islands

- by Cliff Blaylock

There are many ways of seeing the illustrious Greek islands, but no way is better that touring the rich waters of the Mediterranean by boat and pulling into the port of any island that takes your fancy.

While there are other methods of travel, by ferry, plane or car, that all have their own merits, nothing comes close to the advantages of your very own sailing boat.


Every other form of transport is limited when it comes to the Greek islands. A car, for example, might be able to get you around the quickest, but it can only travel around islands that have a car ferry system.

However, aboard your own personal seafaring vessel, with the warm Med breeze in your hair, you decide where to go.

This is the main benefit of charting your own boat, it creates an absolute and rare sense of freedom. Why limit yourself to just a few of these beautiful islands, when there are thousands to explore?


With the freedom comes a greater range of activities available to you. One of the best activities you can get the most out of when sailing is snorkeling.

Able to go anywhere in the deep blue Med you want, you can travel to all the best reef and wildlife spots, the Cyclades islands for example, to explore the underwater realm like few others can.

Another firm favourite aspect of travelling in Greece is visiting beaches. Out on the boat you are able to find some of the most beautiful, secluded, beaches in the entire world. Away from the public, it feels like it's your own private paradise.

One of the biggest reasons people visit the beautiful islands of Greece is its cultural and architectural history. Sailing about these islands allows you to visit any and all places of significance to you. Meaning you won't miss out on any of the wondrous ancient Greek ruins they have to offer.

Finally, one of the most exciting activities you can take part in while commanding your own vessel, is simply exploring.

There are many mysterious and uninhabited islands in the waters surrounding Greece, filled with breathtaking scenery and awe inspiring views.

Walking through island wilderness, untouched by any man, is an experience you have to try. In a world where people hide in every nook and cranny, a quiet and natural paradise out of mans reach is simply magnificent.

A word of caution though, some islands are protected because of their significant biodiversity or ecological importance. Before you moor up and go exploring, make sure you are permitted to access the island.

Best Of Both Worlds:

Being immersed in a private world is an experience like no other, getting away from the world and simply enjoying the wonders it has to offer.

But, sometimes you want to go into the hustle and bustle of the main island towns. Maybe to do a bit of shopping, enjoy the local nightlife or find a nice restaurant to eat at.

With so many bays and ports you can throw anchor in, you can not only enjoy all the bliss and rarities from your boat, but also the lively, tourist, hotspots.

Author Cliff Blaylock, a resident of the Greek Islands, is an expert in travelling the Mediterranean by boat. Having left the UK to start his private charter business, Bill and his team have over 20 years experience treating customers to all the wonders the islands have to offer.

If you like the sound of a privately chartered trip, but don't know how to sail, then check out Cliff's privately run and professionally crewed, yacht chartering service www.deepblueyachting.co.uk