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Holiday in Greece for Stephen Fry

- by Guest Post

Holiday in Greece for Stephen Fry.

British TV personality Stephen Fry is busy promoting holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands while on a seven-day holiday in the country. The comedian is keeping fans aware of his love of Greece through his regular daily posts on Twitter.

He was invited by the Greek Tourism minister Olga Kefalogianni to help promote Greece and its sights.

She recently accompanied Stephen Fry on a tour of the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, where the comedian was informed about the history and culture of ancient Greece.

After the sight-seeing tour was over, the Minister commented: "Mr. Fry loves Greece and is a real friend of the country and its people. Through his Twitter account, he clearly sends out the message that Greece is a safe and welcoming country."

The TV star said British tourists love Greece and see it as an ideal and safe holiday destination. "Global civilization owes a lot to Greece and we must never forget that," he added.

His 5.7 million followers on Twitter can see comments and photographs of his activities in the country. He is expected to visit various sights in Greece during his seven-day holiday.

According to Greek media reports, the actor will visit the Ancient Olympia site and take in the attractions of the Saronic Gulf islands of Aegina and Hydra during his stay in Greece.

This week he toured the fabulous archaeological site of Delphi off the coast of the island of Mykonos.

Stephen Fry is a keen advocate of the return of the Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles, currently held in the British Museum. He says the marbles were 'stolen' by a British diplomat 200 years ago and should be returned to Greece.