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Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness of the people. Greeks are most hospitable to strangers. They even have a word for it 'filoxenia' which translates roughly as 'love of strangers'. The second is the relaxed timekeeping. Greeks don't run their lives by the clock. Greeks will not be hurried and it is amazing how quickly you adopt an easygoing outlook on a Greek Island holiday.

Snow on beach

Heavy snowfalls are reported across the whole of Greece, and even the islands are suffering from the cold snap. Ferries to the several islands have been halted.

Kos refugees

Some Greek Islands are still suffering a drop in tourism despite no evidence of any refugee contact with tourists. Islands lying in the north Aegean and along the Turkish coast have suffered worst.

Skopelos taverna

VAT relief was abolished on the Greek Islands to raise more cash to help pay off Greece's international debts. But latest figures show holiday island VAT revenues dropping 40% in five months.

Agios Athanasios island for sale

Greece has plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties including some of the more remote Greek islands, beaches, ports, marinas, spas, hotels and campsites.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna

The Greek government has scrapped a VAT rate discount enjoyed by several Greek islands while at the same time raising the overall tax rate by 1% to 24%, one of the highest in Europe.

Bikini Beach by Marinos E- Tsagkarakis

Ugly signs for beach bars and tavernas spoil many a Greek view as locals turn belly-up to mass tourism. And it's not just private businesses who seem intent on plastering their crass logos on every tree.

deep blue yacht

By October, Greece sees a roughly 66% decrease in the number of visiting tourists compared to August; and it will only get quieter from this point onwards.

greek stamps diving

he Hellenic Post (ELTA) has issued two commemorative series of stamps inspired by land and sea. One set of stamps features the popular tourist pastime of scuba diving.

balos crete

Cutbacks affecting organisations that protect the country's natural wildlife and habitats and changes in the law also now make it easier to sell off Greece's natural. WWF Greece has launched a #SaveGreekNature initiative to stem the tide.

Kos to Bodrum ferry

Holiday visitors to Greek islands like Rhodes, Kos and Samos may soon be able to pick up some tax-free bargains at popular Turkish day-trip destinations if plans go ahead to create zero tax zones for tourist shoppers. Turkey is examining the possibility of creating tax-free tourist zones at popular resorts.

agistri island

According to the latest Greek census, Agistri only has 1,142 inhabitants and since capital controls were introduced last June it has become harder and harder to obtain cash. The islanders say the only option is to launch their own island currency to keep the local economy going,

Kos refugees

On a visit to the Greek islands of Lesvos, Chios and Kos, the UNs High Commissioner for European Refugees (UNHCR) Vincent Cochetel called the situation "chaotic". News agencies reported that the commissioner had never seen a situation like this.

Greek Island Beach

Temperatures have already topped 35°C this week in Greece's two largest cities of Athens and Thessaloniki while other areas, including the Greek Islands have seen the mercury rise above the 38° mark. The August holiday heatwave has triggered a warning for sunbathers to stay in the shade during the hottest hours.

stroggilo johnny depp island

Stroggilo island Greece is in the Arki group of islets that lie to the north-east of Patmos that includes the islets of Arki and Marathi, favourite haunts of the yachting set.

lesvos sikiminias

Anyone worried about travelling to a Greek Island with refugee problems could steer clear of islands in the eastern Mediterranean. Islands in the Ionian, such as Corfu, Kefalonia and Zante; in the Cyclades, such as Santorini and Paros report no refugee boats.

sofia gaia ionian

Celebrity magazines say superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are bidding to buy the remote island of Sofia, also called Gaia, located in the Ionian Sea near Kefalonia and Ithaka. The 43-acre island is uninhabited but is understood to have planing permission for six villas.

Blue Flag beaches Greece

Greece came third after Spain topped the list with 578 beaches wining a Blur Flag, followed by Turkey with 436 beaches awarded the blue flag. Greece was second last year. in 2015 a total of 395 beaches and nine marinas were awarded Blue Flags.

platanias beach crete

Head of the European Commission office in Greece told a meeting of the Mediterranean SOS Network (MedSOS) that more must be done about litter dumped on Greek beaches.

Elena Kountoura Greek tourism minister

It makes tourism the only sector of the Greek economy to have shown significant growth at a time when the rest of the country is suffering under the previous government's tough austerity programme.

plaka bridge in greece

After weeks of snow and blizzards in January, Greece and the Greek Islands islands are now being swept by high winds and driving rain. Ferries have been blockaded in the mainland ports as gales sweep the region

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