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Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness of the people. Greeks are most hospitable to strangers. They even have a word for it 'filoxenia' which translates roughly as 'love of strangers'. The second is the relaxed timekeeping. Greeks don't run their lives by the clock. Greeks will not be hurried and it is amazing how quickly you adopt an easygoing outlook on a Greek Island holiday.

agistri island
Agistri to launch its own coin

The tiny Greek holiday island of Agistri has come up with its own answer to strict currency controls - it is about to issue its own coins. The move was triggered when the islands only ATM machine ran out of cash and locals were forced to take a ferry to Athens to withdraw their weekly cash allowance.

Greek plane trees under threat
Alarm at fungal threat

Holiday visitors to Greece and the Greek islands may have noticed a drop in the number of plane trees in the Greek landscape. Alarm is spreading as trees across Greece and the Greek islands are being wiped out by a devastating fungal disease . . .

Kitesurfer on Rhodes Greece
Kitesurf ban

Kitesurfers are increasingly angry at moves to ban the popular sport from many Greek islands beaches. Kitesurfing has grown in popularity over the last decade and is now a major beach industry on the Greek Islands. Kitesurfing is now . . .

Taverna cats are common in Greece
Anger at animal care

Animal lovers throughout the Greek islands are angry that new animal protection laws don't go far enough. They claim new laws will do nothing to tackle the problem of abandoned and mistreated animals and pets in Greece . . .

Parthenon at Athens
Athens is cheaper

Holiday visitors to Athens will find it to be one of the cheaper cities in the world in which to live, according to a recent survey. Athens ranks 38th in a list of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live and work. This is the conclusion . . .

greece strikes
Protest strikes

Greece is yet again in the grip of a general strike in protest at austerity measures but the latest unrest is unlikely to affect holiday tourists. Unions began a two-day general strike today.

Blue Flag beaches Greece
Blue Flag

A total of 387 Blue Flags have been awarded to Greek beaches for 2011, a significant drop on last year's figure of 412 beaches. This still leaves Greece second in the international league table of 41 countries for the number of safe, clean beaches . . .

Greek clubbing scene
Brits behave better

Brits on holiday in the Greek islands are better behaved according to a report British Behaviour Abroad, released by the Foreign Office. The report on the British on holiday reveals fewer incidents involving British tourists . . .

Greek villa
Greek homes

More Brits are looking to buy homes in Greece and the Greek Islands according to a survey. British real estate firm Rightmove, which specializes in finding homes abroad for British customers, records a rise in searches for homes, particularly in the Cyclades island and in the Ionian.

balos crete
Greek heritage campaign call

Greek holiday visitors are urged to sign up to a campaign to protect and preserve the country's natural beauty. The World Wildlife Fund warns that the financial setbacks in the Greek economy could have a major impact on Greece's natural heritage.

Winter snowstorm on Skopelos
Cold winter outlook

Summer beach holidays in the Greek islands bring blue skies and almost guaranteed sunshine from May to September bit it's not so in the winter.

Greek ambulance
Doctor shortage

Doctors are to get bonuses and other incentives in a bid to get more to work away from mainland hospitals and move to the Greek islands. Concern has grown at the gap that has grown in healthcare provision on mainland Greece and in the offshore islands . . .

Drownings rise in Greek Islands

With a record number of holidaymakers heading for Greek Island beaches this summer it is worth noting that Greece has the worst record in Europe for sea drownings.

Telendos off the coast of Kalymnos
Evacuation rumours

Rumours that smaller Greek Islands could be evacuated to save cash have been strongly denied by the Greek government. Claims that some of the smaller islands of Greece could be stripped of their populations has swept internet social media sites recently ...

deep blue yacht
Visit the Greek Islands in Autumn

As the summer sun sets on the rustic hillsides of the Greece for the last time this year, many disheartened visitors will be boarding jets and heading home.

Wildfire outbreaks across Greek Islands
Fires alert

Nearly half the wildfires sweeping Greece and the Greek Islands this summer are thought to have been started deliberately. Greek authorities fear speculative developers are deliberately setting fire to tinder dry forests to clear land for building.

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