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Greek holiday visitors will quickly notice two things about the Greek lifestyle. First is the sheer friendliness of the people. Greeks are most hospitable to strangers. They even have a word for it 'filoxenia' which translates roughly as 'love of strangers'. The second is the relaxed timekeeping. Greeks don't run their lives by the clock. Greeks will not be hurried and it is amazing how quickly you adopt an easygoing outlook on a Greek Island holiday.

Snow on beach
Greek Islands under snow

Just as you are planning your summer Greek Islands holiday news comes in of heat snowfalls and plunging temperatures across the Aegean.

Kos refugees
Refugee impact on Greek Islands

Some Greek Islands are still suffering a drop in tourism despite no evidence of any refugee contact with tourists. Islands lying in the north Aegean and along the Turkish coast have suffered worst.

Skopelos taverna
Tax shock for Greek Islands

Abolishing tax relief on the Greek islands appears to have backfired with VAT revenues from tourism dropping by 40% in just five months, according to some reports.

Agios Athanasios island for sale
Greek Islands to go on sale

Behind the recent sell-off of Greek airports are plans to dispose of up to 500 Greek Islands as part of plans to sell more than 70,000 state-owned properties to boost state coffers.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna
Greek Islands get VAT hike

Greek island holidays look set to get more expensive this year, on some of the islands anyway. The Greek government has scrapped a VAT rate discount on several Greek holiday islands.

Bikini Beach by Marinos E- Tsagkarakis
Some sorry sights of Greece

Tourism promotions of Greek Island holidays will naturally feature the most beautiful sights. Pristine seas and golden beaches are the mainstays of holiday posters and videos

deep blue yacht
Visit the Greek Islands in Autumn

As the summer sun sets on the rustic hillsides of the Greece for the last time this year, many disheartened visitors will be boarding jets and heading home.

greek stamps diving
Greek diving features on stamps

Visitors to the Greek Islands can enjoy a new issue of postage stamps that celebrate some of the country's main tourism highlights. The Hellenic Post (ELTA) has issued two series of stamps.

balos crete
Greek heritage campaign call

Greek holiday visitors are urged to sign up to a campaign to protect and preserve the country's natural beauty. The World Wildlife Fund warns that the financial setbacks in the Greek economy could have a major impact on Greece's natural heritage.

Kos to Bodrum ferry
Tax-free Turkey tempts shoppers

Many Greek holidaymakers heading for the Dodecanese islands like to include a shopping trip to Turkey in their Greek Island holiday. Now they could be in for even bigger bargains as Turkey plans to create tax-free shopping zones along the coast in a bid to attract more tourists.

agistri island
Agistri to launch its own coin

The tiny Greek holiday island of Agistri has come up with its own answer to strict currency controls - it is about to issue its own coins. The move was triggered when the islands only ATM machine ran out of cash and locals were forced to take a ferry to Athens to withdraw their weekly cash allowance.

Kos refugees
Greece under fire over refugees

Greece has come in for strong criticism of 'shameful' conditions for refugees landing in the Greek Islands after fleeing war zones in the Middle East. Holiday visitors to the islands of Kos, Lesvos and Chios are unlikely to come across refugees first hand.

Greek Island Beach
Greek holiday heatwave strikes

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands have been warned to stay cool this week as temperatures soar all over the Aegean. Even locals have been told to stay out of the sun as weather experts report thermometers rising above the 40°C mark on the mainland with no sign of an end to the heatwave.

stroggilo johnny depp island
Johnny Depp buys Greek island

US movie star Johnny Depp is reported to have bought himself a Greek island. The Hollywood star is said to have snapped up an uninhabited Greek islet of Stroggilo.

lesvos sikiminias
Refugee numbers cause concern

The influx on refugees into Greek Islands that lie off the Turkish coast is causing authorities increasing concern Refugees from war-torn Syria and other migrants from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been arriving on boats that are barely seaworthy.

sofia gaia ionian
Greek Island home for Brad

Hollywood celebrity superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are reported to be in negotiations to buy their own private Greek Island. Celebrity magazines say the couple are bidding to buy the remote island of Sofia, also called Gaia, located in the Ionian Sea

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