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Athens a cheaper city

- by Jeremy Guest

Athens a cheaper city in which to live.

Holiday visitors to Athens will find it to be one of the cheaper cities in the world in which to live, according to a recent survey. Athens ranks 38th in a list of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live and work. This is the conclusion of the latest review in a study conducted every three years by the Swiss bank UBS on prices, wages and purchasing power of consumers in different cities of the world.

Ranking are based on the cost of a "housewife basket" of purchases in shops and supermarkets – the total costs of 122 goods and services (excluding rents) in cities across the world.

Many visitors on Greek island holidays like to head to the Greek capital of Athens to visit the famous sites such as the Parthenon. They will be pleased to find that a holiday visit to Athens is not as expensive as they might expect.

The Greek capital city is also a major jumping off point for those who prefer Greek Island hopping as the port of Piraeus, near Athens, is the hub of the Greek island ferry system.

According to the survey the most expensive cities in the world to live are Oslo, Zurich and Geneva. The three highest ranked cities are followed by the equally famous pricey locations of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tokyo and Sydney. London ranks at 15, down from 10th place last year.

The the very cheapest cities in the world to live, according to the survey, are Mumbai, Manila and New Delhi.

The relative cost of the shopping basket of good and services is measured against prices in the US city of New York, which in this study is assigned the value 100 and is placed 14th on the list.

To help offset the cost of living, Zurich was found to have the highest wages, followed closely by Geneva. Third in the ranking comes Copenhagen. Paris ranks 24th, while Athens is 33rd on the wages front. Cities at the bottom of the wage ranking list are Nairobi, Manila and Mumbai.