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Unforgettably cultural getaways

- by Harry McFadden

Unforgettably creative and cultural getaways.

We expect our holidays to be refreshing and relaxing but what else can they be? How about educate, inform and excite in equal measure? There are hidden gems all around the world just waiting to be discovered, experienced and remembered so here are just three ideas to get you started.

Truly capture your memories

Whether you are a novice with the camera or an experienced snapper, photography tours offer a memorable experience. Being coached by expert photographers allows you to improve and develop during your holiday. You will be discovering new places in a distinctly different way and will have the opportunity to see a master at work. In addition, these tours are often run in groups leading to shared experiences and new-found friendships.

Learning new skills in a practical environment is good, but learning new skills in strikingly stunning locations is even better. Destinations cover the globe but holiday providers such as Exodus give a comprehensive overview of what is available. Discovering not just the obvious but the unseen is another perk and people can't say 'no' to a viewing of your holiday snaps!

Newly discovered cultures

There is nothing wrong with choosing Florida, the Canaries or a Greek island for your holiday, but how about selecting a truly alternative destination? Though Burma was shrouded in secrecy for many years, it is now taking its first steps towards true democracy. In fact, Burma is a country ready to welcome the world. As a result of its history, much of Burma remains preserved and is now a perfect example of colonial influence on indigenous culture ready for exploration.

Visitors can trek to ancient temples, wander through unspoilt villages and meet the locals in populous towns. The Burmese are warm, welcoming and thrilled to see tourists arriving on their shores once more. Just imagine being amongst the first to fully experience all Burma has to offer it's an almost irresistible invitation.

In awe of archaeological wonders

If you are a budding Indiana Jones, an archaeology tour could be just for you. Often run in small groups in order to maximise viewing opportunities these tours take in much of the ancient world. Much like photography tours, the best archaeological expeditions are run by experts in the field. Their wide-reaching knowledge of sites such as the Acropolis in Athens and Rome's Pantheon mean you will experience more than the usual sight-seeing.

Of course, Rome and Greece were the giants of the ancient world but there are other destinations that offer just as much interest and intrigue. You might explore the sites of Troy and Sparta in modern day Turkey and Greece, discovering how history has influenced modernity in a memorable way. Or how about Jordan? Home to stunning scenery and historically significant monuments, Jordan is a small but perfectly formed country ideal for an architectural journey.

A holiday with something extra provides so much more. Even if these ideas do not whet your appetite, there are many more cultural and creative opportunities ready for discovery.

Author Bio: Harry McFadden is a travel journalist with many years of experience. He writes regularly for a range of websites and magazines and is particularly interested in unusual excursions, such as those provided by Exodus