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Greek brothel sponsors primary school

- by Archimedes

Greek brothel sponsors primary school.

Greek austerity measures may have hit the Greek holiday tourism industry hard this year but Greek brothels have been doing a roaring trade. So much so, that one Greek brothel owner has donated €3,000 to buy textbooks for her local school. According to reports brothel owner Chrysoula Alefridou, decided to make a donation to the Elementary School Parents' Association in Patras to cover the costs of school textbooks and a photocopier.

The move sparked outrage from local education officials who insisted the school return the donation. The demand has left teachers and parents fuming as children are left without books and no other offers of cash,

Chrysoula Alefridou is no stranger to notoriety. Earlier this year she bailed out her local football team with an advertising deal that saw players wearing shirts advertising two brothels – Soula's House of History and Villa Erotica.

Prostitution is perfectly legal in Greece but Greek education officials are worried that, although the cash gift was without strings, the school might be seen to be condoning immoral activities.

Chrysoula insists the donation is an act of goodwill and strongly denies accusations that the move was aimed at providing publicity for her brothels.

Some parents say the school should have taken the money and kept quiet about the source. It was only when news leaked out that the trouble started.

Commentators in local newspapers are supporting the brothel owners' donation. They say private initiatives from any quarter are the only option since the Greek state is now unable to provide for even the most basic facilities such as textbooks for schools.