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Greek island goes under the hammer

- by Archimedes

Greek island goes under the hammer.

Greek holiday lovers have a rare opportunity to snap up their very own Greek island. But you may need to have very deep pockets. The Greek island of Spalathronisi, of the coast of Halkidiki, goes under the hammer at auction later this year. A Greek auction house Myro Gallery is handling the sale for potential buyers with details of the sale being released later this month.

Spalathronisi is the biggest of three small islands off the Sithonia coast near Mamarmis , in Kassandra Gulf, collectively known as Spalathronisia.

It is though to be the first time that a Greek island has been sold by auction. Details are sketchy as yet but videos and pictures have been posted on the auction house's website at www.antiqueshouse.gr.12(www.antiqueshouse.gr)

The only information released by the website says: "As part of Myro Antiques House's new activities the house has undertaken the auctioning of Greek islands. We inform you that the first is the biggest island of Spalathronisia, which is located opposite to Marmaras, in Chalkidiki. Look at the photos of the island and if you are interested in buying that island contact us...".

No one knows the reserved price but Greek islands don't come cheap. Currently on the market is the island of Stroggilo, a 54-acre islet in the Aegean Sea, for €4.5 million and island being touted as the perfect millionaires' playground, Gaia in the Ionian Sea with 43 acres at a mere €3 million.

The Aegean island of Nafsika has 1,235 acres and boasts sheltered bays, two natural harbours and close links to existing ferry routes but it will cost you at least €6.9 million.

Private Greek islands have been popular since the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristoteles Onassis started the trend by buying Skorpios in 1963.

Island owners don't advertise their acquisitions but it is known that Paloma Picasso purchased the island of Petalous, while both Madonna and Richard Gere are rumoured to be among the celebrities currently competing for a perfect Greek hideaway.

Privacy, perfect weather and sandy beaches will always entice the rich and famous and a private island will always carry a multi-million euro price tag.