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Greek tremors on the rise

- by Archimedes

Greek tremors on the rise.

Earthquake tremors are not unusual in the Greek Islands but concern is growing at the numbers of reported quakes this year. Holiday visitors on the island of Kefalonia were shook by two 4.6 quakes this week in a quake that was felt on neighbouring Zakynthos and on the mainland city of Patras.

Holidaymakers on the Greek Island of Crete may have felt the earth tremble with a couple of moderate 3-Richter scale quakes over the weekend off the island's southern coastline.

They are the latest in a series of tremors recorded on Crete over the summer holiday season. A 5.6 shock struck in the sea south of Crete in June though no damage or casualties were reported.

But concern grew about the seismic activity when more than 35 aftershocks followed.

The latest areas to be hit are Thessaloniki on the mainland and the Ionian island of Kefalonia. Thessaloniki holidaymakers were told there was no cause for concern after the four tremors were recorded in just two days.

A small tremor measuring 3.3 struck 30 kilometres north-west of Thessaloniki at 5.17 am while another 3.0 quake was recorded off the coast of Crete.

Earlier this summer more than 850 buildings were checked after a quake in the Greek mainland village Fthiotis, north of Athens

In August a 4.5 earthquake struck the coastline of Epirus with the tremor's epicentre located in just north of the holiday resort of Parga and south-east of the port of Igoumenitsa. The focal depth was estimated at 5 km and the shock was felt in many regions of Epirus.

August also saw a larger 5.3 quake strike at Amphicleia north-west of Athens while, in July five low-intensity earth tremors were recorded in the region of Patras.

It all adds up to a summer of higher than usual seismic activity in the Greek Islands this year. Greece is the most quake-prone country in Europe and about accounts for about half of all reported earthquakes.