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Greek Islands in grip of heatwave

- by Jeremy Guest

Greek Islands in grip of heatwave.

Holidaymakers in the Greek Islands are braced for a mini heatwave in July as temperatures are set to soar. Hot and humid weather is forecast for the rest of July according to the Hellenic National Meteorological Service. Weather watchers say temperatures could reach as high as 39°C on mainland Greece and thermometers will certainly top the 30°C mark on many of the Greek islands.

Those visiting the Greek islands will have the heat tempered slightly by fresh northerly winds that are expected to reach 8 Beaufort in the Aegean and 5 Beaufort in other parts.

The heatwave comes as the summer season approaches it peak. The thermometer could hit 38-39°C in north and west Greece.

The Meteorological Service has forecast clear skies, with temperatures in Athens of 20-35°C and of 20-34°C in Thessaloniki in mid-July. On the islands of the Cyclades and on Crete temperatures on are expected to top 30°C.

The average temperature across the Greek islands at the peak summer season in August is 25°C, with highs of 28°C and lows of 19°C.

While records are regularly broken, summer 2011 still has a long way to go to beat the Greek national record – the highest temperature ever recorded in Greece was 48.7°C in mainland Tatsoi in 1977.