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Campaign call to protect Greek heritage

- by Andy Cornish

Greek holiday visitors are urged to sign up to a campaign to protect and preserve the country's natural beauty.

The World Wildlife Fund warns that the financial setbacks in the Greek economy could have a major impact on Greece's natural heritage.

Not only are cutbacks affecting organisations that protect the country's natural wildlife and habitats but changes in the law also now make it easier to sell off Greece's natural heritage for profit.

WWF Greece has launched a #SaveGreekNature initiative to raise crowdfunding cash to stem the tide of destruction.

Campaigners are calling for lovers of Greece and the Greek Islands to take a stand to help save rivers, mountains, forests and beaches from developers.

A crowdfunding campaign to raise cash to save the countryside has been set up on the website indiegogo.com with the backing of the WWF.

The site warns: "Right now, nature protection laws are under attack. Their dismantling is helping to sell off Greece's natural heritage to make a quick profit."

Organisers warn that large stretches of unspoilt beach and coastline will come under threat over the next few years.

"The stakes are high and now is the time we can really make a difference! Your support will give WWF Greece the means to fight for Greece's future," says the site.

The campaign already claims a number of successful initiatives such as stopping laws that could have effectively allowed developers to turn long stretches of empty Greek coastline and beaches into large-scale tourist developments.

Campaigners also joined a broad coalition to stop legislation to remove protection from forests burnt by wildfires that could have paved the way for environmentally destructive appropriation of forest land.

They warn: "Many more threats will be coming our way in the next few months, but your support can give us the power to deal with them."

Lovers of Greece are urged to join the campaign with a cash donation. In return, they get a limited edition book Greece's heritage from Nature by Giorgos Catsadorakis, a campaign badge and an action postcard.

Donors also get regular updates on what the campaign is accomplishing and the satisfaction of playing a crucial role in helping save the natural environment of Greece and the Greek Islands.