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Hydra home splits Greek island

- by Dabs Banner

Hydra home splits Greek island.

Holiday visitors to the Greek Island of Hydra are being warned about a dangerous building that could collapse any day. The building in the main street of Hydra is a danger to local people and to visiting tourists. The position of the house has left the main resort on the tiny island virtually split in two, say locals.

The issue has been brought up at the island council after a protest letter was handed in with 113 signatures from islanders.

They claim the narrow street is almost impassable and the building so dangerous it is on the point of collapse.

The letter says: "The house which for some time has scaffolding around it is covered with special cover but it leaves a small rudimentary margin for pedestrians to pass. This central road is virtually impenetrable and utterly dangerous for residents and tourists."

The passage is so narrow it is difficult for tourists to squeeze through with their suitcases and too tight for mules to get through.

The letter adds: The passage is totally prohibitive and there is no access to adjacent small streets. It makes life difficult for the residents and especially can cause accidents."

Local say the situation is serious because essentially what the building has done is to split the island in two. They say there are similar houses on Hydra that have become dilapidated and dangerous.

Many of the houses on Hydra are protected against development in a bid to retain the island's architectural heritage. Locals claim that building regulations are all very well but they should not allow buildings to become so run down and dangerous.