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Mosquito misery on Greek Islands

- by Joe Mason

Mosquito misery on Greek Islands holidays.

The Greek Islands have their fair share of mosquitoes as any beach holiday visitor will know. Mosquitos are about all through the summer months and can strike even in late September. Mosquitoes on Greek Island holidays are at their most active at dawn and dusk. The early evening is when holiday visitors usually you go out for a meal of course – one reason Greeks tend to eat later at night.

I find the following tips useful when trying to avoid mosquito bites on a Greek Island holiday.

  • Use a roll-on repellent or spray around ankles, wrists and neck when you go out. If you think it stinks then you can at least be aware that the mosquitoes do as well
  • Keep exposed flash to a minimum. Difficult I know on a hot summer night but long sleeves and trousers will help and nights are often a little cooler so this shouldn't be a problem.
  • A quick spray of insecticide or repellent under the table helps as this is often where mossies lurk while waiting for their next meal.
  • Use plug-in insecticide in the hotel room or apartment . I only plug these in when I'm out at night to clear the room – they are supposed to be safe but I don't like the idea of leaving them on all night when I'm asleep and breathing the stuff in.
  • Some people eat Marmite before going out and swear it confuses the mosquito sensors.

I do the above each time I go out (except the Marmite) and haven't been bitten in years.