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No kitesurf ban on Island beaches

- by Archimedes

No kitesurf ban on Greek Island beaches.

Greek island holiday kitesurfers appear to have won their battle to stop a kitesurfing ban on Greek beaches this summer. The Hellenic Coastguard has dropped plans to restrict kitesurfing to a few selected beaches after a huge web campaign in protest at the proposals.  Under new rules kitesurfing will only be banned on crowded beaches, where there are no phsical obstacles nearby and within 200m of swimmers and sunbathers.

A spokesman for Kitemag.gr, that spearheaded the protest, said: 'The new revised decision is now logical, functional and gives kitesurfing the freedom it deserves in line with human rights and international sea law. 

"We expect from the worldwide kite community to respect the new decision and fully support the implementation.'

Kitesurfing has see a huge growth in popularity over the last decade and is now a major beach industry on beaches in the Greek Islands.

The Greek Islands have many noted kitesurfing beaches and many have hosted international kitesurfing events. Some of the most popular Greek islands for kitesurfing are Paros, Naxos, Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos, Limnos, Corfu and Lefkas.

The Hellenic Coast Guard wanted kitesurfing banned on all but a few Greek beaches. They claimed that ordinary bathers were in danger of injury from unregulated kitesurfers.

They wanted kitesurfing restricted to beaches with legitimate water sports school or water sports centres, restricted to beaches more than 600 metres long, within defined water corridors and restricted to two people at any one time.

For details on the new decision visit Kitemag.