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Five reasons to visit the Greek Islands this autumn

- by Cliff Blaylock

As the summer sun sets on the rustic hillsides of the Greece for the last time this year, many disheartened visitors will be boarding jets and heading home, to work and to wait until the summer season returns next year.

However, if you can't wait that long, or you didn't manage to find the time this summer, fear not! There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the Greek Islands this autumn.

1. The Greek Islands are lot Quieter

By October, Greece sees a roughly 66% decrease in the number of visiting tourists compared to August; and it will only get quieter from this point onwards.
With the school holidays over, many families don't have the time to get to a Greek Island during the autumn. While they miss out, it is the perfect opportunity for those put off by big crowds to head out and enjoy a more authentic Greek holiday experience.
No need to wait in lines, negotiate your way through busy streets or get up early to get a good seat by the pool. It's calmer; it's quieter, and it's all yours.

2. It's Still Warm Enough for a Greek Holiday

It may not be nudging towards 40°C anymore, but the Greek Islands are still hanging in the mid-20s a comfortable and pleasurable temperature, especially for those who are struggling in severely hot weather.
While the thermostat may be slowly dropping, the gorgeous Mediterranean sun is unhindered by clouds and the beaches are still glittering sandy paradises just waiting to be enjoyed.
Even better, those who enjoy watersports will be pleased to learn that the water is warmest in early autumn, as the sea temperature takes longer to warm up and then cool down that the air temperature.

3. It's Much Cheaper This Time of Year

As mentioned before, there are a lot fewer people visiting Greece in the autumn months. Now, fewer people mean less competition, and less competition means you get to best deals.
Flights, accommodation, food, you name it, everything is cheaper in the off-peak seasons. Autumn then, is the perfect time to visit Greece for less.

4. It's Always Beautiful in Greece

It doesn't matter if it's summer, autumn, winter or spring, the landscape of Greece is always one of great vibrancy and beauty.
The sprawling hillsides are still classic and rustic, the villages are still quaint and sleepy, the Med is still bright and glittering and, of course, the beaches are still white and picturesque.
What's more, if you are coming for the hiking or archeology, you'll find the views even more enjoyable when you don't have to struggle in the midsummer heat.

5. It's Easier to Immerse Yourself In True Greek Culture

In the summer high season, authentic Greek culture can be drowned out in the most popular areas, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of foreign visitors. However, once the crowds vacate the country, you're left with a purely Greek experience.
Residents involved in the tourist industry go back to their normal lives, tavernas once filled with Englishmen are now home to the locals. During this period in the Greek calendar, you become a foreign individual exploring a different corner of the world, rather than one of the millions visiting for the sun and surf.
That isn't to say it is impossible to experience Greek culture in the summer months, but in autumn you don't have to go far to get a real sense of the country.

Cliff Blaylock of Deep Blue Yachting discusses why a visit to Greece this autumn isn't such a bad idea.