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Wildfire outbreaks in Greek islands

- by Archimedes

Wildfire outbreaks across the Greek islands.

More wildfire outbreaks are being reported across Greece and the Greek islands as a holiday heatwave leaves the islands tinder-try. The holiday island of Corfu, in particular, has been hit by a number of fire outbreaks recently, with Pantokratoras the latest area to be affected.

Fires are now under control, with firefighters working hard to damp down the blaze which broke out on several fronts during celebrations at the Monastery of Pantokratoras.

A wildfire at Loutses, on Corfu, has been burning for almost a week while fires in the rugged area around Megkoulas broke out recently and arson is suspected.

Meanwhile, a lightning strike is believed to have started a blaze in the forest area of Kalogeros in Skopelos island. The inaccessibility of the area made it difficult for firefighters and two firefighting helicopters and an aircraft were used to tackle the fire outbreak.

Fires were repeatedly breaking out in the fire-stricken region of Nyfida, in the south of the holiday island of Lesvos at the weekend. Fires were reported near the holiday resort villages of Polichnitos, Agios Fokas and Nyfida. Early reports indicate that at least one of the fires was caused by arson.

And on the island of Kos, 20 acres of scrubland was destroyed when fire broke out near the village of Andimachia in the latest of several fire outbreaks in recent weeks.

On the mainland, fires have broken out in a forested area between the holiday resort villages of Nikiti and Neos Marmaras in Halkidiki. Terrestrial and aerial firefighting forces have been working hard to contain the blaze. Lightning is blamed for the blaze which was fanned by strong winds and 25 firefighters with 10 backed by two aircraft were sent to fight the outbreak.

A fire was reported on Friday in a forest region near the mountain resort of Metsovo in Ioannina. A force of 16 firefighters and six vehicles, assisted by a 16-strong team on foot and four water-bombing aircraft were sent to put out the blaze.

A wildfire broke out on Friday in a forest the region of Parorio in Viotia , central Greece, burning through olive groves, grassland and brush.

Weather forecasters have warned of another heatwave on the way this week with temperatures likely to hit 40°C in places. Temperatures are expected to fall later in the week.