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Greek Islands feature in cheap holiday report

- by Archimedes

Greek Islands feature in Post Office annual survey on value for money holidays.

The Greek Islands feature yet again in the Post Office barometer of the top value for money holiday destination in 2013. Greece made 14th place in the table of 42 holiday hotspots based on typical tourists spending on a basket of popular products.

The cheapest overseas holiday destinations in 2013, according to the report, are Spain and Sri Lanka where the average tourist spend on popular items in both countries came to just £36.14.

The the same basket of items in the most expensive holiday hotspots were Australia and South Korea where you could expect to pay more than three times as much at £144.93.

The UK's seventh annual Post Office holiday spend report monitored the average price of eight popular tourist items often brought in holiday resorts.

They include the bar or cafe price of a cup of coffee, a bottle of lager, a can of coke or a glass of wine; a supermarket bottle of mineral water, tube of sun cream or pack of cigarettes and a three-course dinner for two (with wine) ordered in a mid-price restaurant.

The popular Greek holiday island of Corfu was chosen to represent holiday costs in Greece and here they notched up a total spend of £57.50 on the basket of items.

Countries with a slightly lower price on the basket of items were South Africa (£53.13), Cyprus (£54.79) and Egypt (£56.02).

Holiday hotspots that were slightly more expensive than Greece were Gambia (57.91), Thailand (£58.31) and Croatia (£63.08).

Biggest surprises in the 2013 holiday barometer were Turkey, which just eased back into the top 10 after resort prices fell 16% last year and the rising holiday destinations of Portugal (7th place) and Bulgaria (6th place).

Falling prices in Bali (4th) and Vietnam (5th) helped those destinations overtake Thailand (16th) for Far East holiday destinations.

Egypt (13th) just pipped Greece (14th) after British Pounds surged 20% against the Egyptian currency last year and prices of big holiday rivals Turkey were comparable at £52.89.

It was notable that a meal for two on the Greek Islands cost £31.25 while in Turkey it would set you back £32.57, in Bulgaria £32.71 and in Croatia £45.67.

The Greek Islands have done well to maintain a good position in the table given the economic problems facing the country over the past three years.

According to lastest figures, holiday bookings for Greece and the Greek Islands have started off strong for 2013 and many hotels and holiday companies have slashed prices to boost this year's tourist numbers.