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Probably the most popular Greek island group, the Ionian are located on the west side of Greece with Corfu, Kefalonia, Zante and Lefkas featuring in most Greek island holiday brochures. The smaller islands of Paxos and Ithaca appeal offer quieter holidays while islets like Antipaxos, Meganissi and Kalamos are popular with day trippers. The Ionian islands have lush, green interiors thanks to relatively heavy winter rains and many have suffered heavily from earthquake damage.

Azimut ferry Joy
New ferry links for the Ionian

The Ionian islands look set to get a new ferry to link some of the biggest holiday hotspots in Greece. The Ionian chain includes the very popular holiday islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkas and Zante.

hellenic seaplanes
Seaplane test on Corfu

The first seaplane test flights in Greece have been carried out on the Ionian island of Corfu with a 10-seater Quest Zodiac .

Loggerhead turtles in danger
Zante turtles hold up flight

Baby turtles on Zante left UK holidaymakers stranded in the airport. Homebound Easyjet passengers disembarked after a fault was found with one of the wing flaps.

Corfu Achilleion
Winter holidays on Corfu

Corfu is the latest Greek island to promote itself as a winter holiday destination - but in Spain rather than the UK. Despite Corfu being a favourite Greek island holiday destination for Brits.

Egremni beach Lefkas
Lefkas beach lost in quake

The beautiful beach of Egremni on Lefkas appears to have been lost following an island earthquake. The beach on the south-west coast disappeared beneath the waves after a 6.1 quake was recorded.

lefkas porto karsiki beach
Lefkas beach danger

One of the most famous holiday beaches in the Greek Islands could be closed to the public because of the danger from falling rocks. The stunning white cliffs of Porto Katsiki beach, on the Ionian island of Lefkas, has been voted among the most attractive in Greece.

hellenic seaplanes otter
Corfu seaplanes latest

Corfu may be on track to launch its new seaplane services this year but officials are concerned about exactly where they will be allowed to land. Seaplane flights got a boost last year when the Greek government decided to fast-track applications to build seaplane strips.

Achilleion Palace Sissi Corfu
Corfu palace monument

Thousand of holiday visitors to Corfu take time off from the island's golden sand beaches to visit one of the many museums and historic sites.

Ithaka luxury resort
Luxury resort for Ithaka

A luxury holiday complex on the island of Ithaka is one of five major projects waiting for the green light from the incoming Greek government with more on the Greek islands of Chios and Crete.

zante nagavio shipwreck
Zante shipwreck fence

A holiday on Zante is hardly complete without a boat trip to the famous Shipwreck Cove but visitor may well find the beached vessel fenced off. Officials on the Greek island of Zakynthos are planning to give the rotting hulk a facelift.

cruise ship costa fascino corfu
New holiday cruises to Corfu

Holidays cruises to Corfu could get busier with new cruise ship and ferry routes opening up to port resorts in Italy. The Corfu Port Authority (CPA) is set to relaunch the Corfu to Italy coastal shipping route.

hellenic seaplanes otter2
Corfu gets first seaplanes

The popular holiday island of Corfu looks set to get Greek island seaplane services flying again after a deal was signed to open the first water airport in Greece. The move follows clearance by Greek environmental officials.

map kefalonia quake
More quakes for Kefalonia

After suffering widespread earthquake damage last year, Kefalonia suffers more seismic rumblings under the Ionian Sea. Earthquake rumbles continue to shake the holiday island of Kefalonia months after a series of quakes in January.

kefalonia earthquake
EU cash aid for Kefalonia

Cash help could be on the way for the Ionian island of Kefalonia hit earlier this year by a 5.8 earthquake and several dozen severe aftershocks that made local people homeless.

corfu-world-travel-awards 2014
Corfu takes top Euro beach title

The popular Greek holiday island of Corfu has taken the top title as Europe's Leading Beach Destination in this year's World Travel Awards 2014. The island took over the honour from last year's winner, the Algarve in Portugal, in a gala ceremony in Athens. The award, known as the 'Oscars' of the tra

Zante loggerhead turtle caretta
Zante rapped over turtle sites

Greece had been condemned by the European Court for failing to protect endangered sea turtles as it dumps household waste on a key nesting sit on Zante.

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