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Demands for a Corfu clean-up

- by Dabs Banner

Demands for a Corfu clean-up.

Hotel owners on the island of Corfu are demanding a clean-up of island rubbish over fears for Corfu's reputation as a holiday destination. The Federation of Hotel Owners claims the issue of cleanliness is one of the most serious problems facing Corfu today. They have called on the municipality to "take all measures" to clean up public areas, clear rubbish from the streets and empty bins.

A statement said: "It is inconceivable that at the peak of the tourist season, Corfu presents the picture of a "dump" and is discredited internationally, while Corfiots entrepreneurs are in really difficult economic conditions and desperately trying to survive and provide guests with the best possible service."

Government cutbacks in the recent economic slump have resulted in fewer worker cleaning the streets of Corfu.

Holiday visitors can find overflowing bins and rubbish dumped in the street for days before it is cleared away.

Corfu hotel owners insist that modern-day tourists expect to find a clean environment when they go on holiday and they want a definitive solution to Corfu's rubbish cleaning problems.

They added: "This is the shame not only of our island but also for ourselves and that we allow to our Corfu 'gem' to become a wasteland."

The call comes as the island water company DEYAK is forced to ration water supplies as the island faces drought conditions in August.

Water supplies are to be turned off between 3am and 5am is a bid to conserved supplies and island visitors have been told to use water sparingly during the day.

Water officials say those people living on high ground are expected to face the biggest problems with supplies.