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Corfu holiday cash find

- by Liz Waugh

Corfu holiday cash find.

A British woman on holiday in Corfu reportedly found €30,000 in cash lying in the street. The 59-year-old holidaymaker came across the cash stuffed in a briefcase that was lying in the side of the road. When she opened it she found €30,000 in cash inside.

The woman, who has not been named, found the briefcase as she was leaving a store and could not believe her eyes.

She immediately handed it in at a local police station. Police identified the owner from personal documents inside. As well as cash and documents in the briefcase, there were also several bank deposit booklets.

The panicky owner of the briefcase arrived at the police station shortly afterwards to claim the lost cash. Police said he was immensely relieved to be handed the briefcase. 

He was quoted as saying that the cash inside the briefcase was to pay salaries for the company's employees.