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Hill villages of Corfu explored in ebook

- by Archimedes

Hill villages of Corfu ebook.

Visitors who tire of beaches and look to get away from the holiday coast can find some beautiful inland villages on Corfu that are a throw-back to the island's past. Villagers may be few, as rural jobs have vanished over the years, and villages may be too quiet for some but their tranquil beauty remains unblemished.

Many of Corfu's inland villages are only a short drive from the main beach holiday resorts and inland tours make a refreshing alternative to the busy beaches and noisy clubs.

Now author Steve Ford had produced a welcome e-book detailing is happy time spent in Corfu to both give something back to the island he loves as well as lending a helping hand to the charities and villages of Corfu.

The idea came about when he was asked moderate the Corfu Forum community site and decided to put together some of his own experiences of the island.

His first book will be about the hill villages of central Corfu with more planned on the villages to the north and the south of the island.

As Steve says: "All the villages in the book have their own story to tell. They are all unique for some reason or another whether it be for their history, landmarks, local traditions or views."

The beach resorts of Corfu have been famous since the 60's and 70's, but the villages have been here for centuries and many have yet to be discovered by the thousands of visitors that clock to the island each year.

Just a short walk away from many resorts are some of the most beautiful villages to be found in the whole of Europe. Steve has visited each of the villages and the photographs, more than 100 of them, are his own.

Village covered are the 18 central villages of, Agioi Deka, Agios Ioannnis, Ano Korakiana, Doukades, Gastouri, Giannades, Kanakades, Kato Korakiana, Kinopiastes, Kompitsi, Lakones, Liapades, Marmaro, Pelekas, Pendati, Sinarades, Varypatades and Vatos.

The ebook is in full colour and it is available as a 60MB PDF download from Steve's site at www.corfuvillages.eu for £2.99 or there is a text only version available on Kindle, from Amazon, at £1.99.

Steve has been visiting Corfu for more than 25 years. He has a small apartment on the edge of Pelekas which he shares with his wife Ann and two children Eva and Bobby.

They consider Corfu to be their second home and visit as often as they can. the e-book was prompted by Steve's passion for the Island and all profits from sales do to Corfu charities and villages.

Steve flies out and the end of April to research the villages in north Corfu and you can follow his progress on his daily blog on Corfu Forum and the Corfu Grapevine on Facebook.