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Greek anger at Corfu holiday show

- by Dabs Banner

Greek anger at Corfu holiday show.

A recent TV documentary on the antics of drunken Brits on holiday in Kavos Corfu has come under fire from a Greek tourism minister. The Channel 4 TV programme 'What Happens in Kavos' followed the drunken trail of parties of Brits either working or on holiday in the notorious Corfu party resort.

Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni has sent a letter of protest to channel bosses complaining at the poor image of Greece depicted in the Channel 4 show.

She said: "Greece, Corfu and the tourism product we offer in any case does not have this repulsive image presented. The show is highly offensive for Greece and its citizens'"

Scenes show drunken youngsters cavorting in the resorts clubs and bars as they binge drink on bar hopping tours with sexual promiscuity high on the agenda.

Mrs Kefalogianni said she was sure millions of British tourists who go on Greek islands holiday each year would agree with her.

She added: "Greece became a global tourist attraction because it is a place that, apart from its natural beauty, embodies universal values and symbols that this show ignores in a provocative way."

Kavos is notorious for drunken British louts on bar crawls. As the Greek Island Postcards site says: "Gangs of youths looking for a "larf" give Kavos the hostile air of an English soccer town on match day. Expect shops selling lewd T-shirts, video bars named after TV sitcoms and lager swilling bozos trying to match IQs against sandal sizes."

Kavos has at least 80 music bars on the main tourist strip as well as dance clubs and karaoke cafes that go mental from nightfall to sunrise.

Visitors complain of 'free shots' mixed with meths to cut costs while Kavos tavernas serve little else than pizzas, burgers, kebab and chips.

The secretary of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) pledges to take all 'necessary measures' to restore Greece's image abroad.