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Ithaca luxury holiday complex

- by Dabs Banner

'complex designed to attract celebrities'.

The island of Ithaca in the Ionian islands could become a playground of the rich and famous if plans for a luxury resort get under way. Developers hope to build a huge luxury holiday complex that will attract Hollywood stars and pop celebrities such as Madonna, who is known to love Ithaca and often takes her holidays there.

According to Greek news magazine, espresso, the pop icon has expressed an interest in buying a luxury villa in the proposed glamorous resort complex.

Developers say the luxury holiday retreat will house six luxury resorts, 1,020 suites, a marina for 200 yachts, waterfront villas with their own marina, pools, tennis courts, gardens and a golf course designed by renowned golfer Greg Norman.

More than 1,600 acres of land has already been purchased by investors from Qatar but work has been delayed by paperwork. Construction will be in three phases with the first phase costing more than €600 million.

The area is completely undeveloped land around Kaminia and Marathia and its isolation will allow VIP guests and owners to enjoy holidays free from prying eyes and paparazzi.

Prospective customers have already visited Ithaca by boat and helicopter and they include pop and movie celebrities as well as mega-rich magnates.

Many international celebrities have stayed on Ithaca over the years including Sophia Loren, Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks, Sade and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The small island of Ithaca, also spelled Ithaka, is located just four kilometres off the coast of Kefalonia in the Ionian island group.

Ithaca has is a sleepy little island and a popular destination for independent travellers and for day trippers from Kefalonia.

Apart from a small annual arrival of independent tourists and day trippers there is little to disturb the island as most visitors head for the main port at Vathi.

The north has the best resorts while the south, apart from Vathi, has little else but wild countryside and dramatic cliffs.

Byron thought Ithaca so beautiful that he wanted to buy it but the Greek poet Homer famously dismissed Ithaca as 'overrun with barren rocks and cliffs ' and only 'fit for goats.'