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Kefalonia is a popular Greek holiday island located in the Ionian chain of islands off the west coast of mainland Greece. Kefalonia lies south of Corfu and north of Zante to the south. It is a large hilly island with a string of south coast beaches, some of the most picturesque coves and some spectacular caves. Offshore is the idyllic island of Ithaca, a favourite target of day trippers.

Azimut ferry Joy

A new ferry route to link all the Ionian islands for the first time looks ready to set sail daily, except Sunday, from May 1 and run right through the summer season until the end of October.

deep blue yacht

The main benefit of charting your own sailing boat in the Greek islands is that it creates an absolute and rare sense of freedom. Why limit yourself to just a few of these beautiful islands?

map kefalonia quake

Scientists report a strong 5.1 magnitude tremor under the Ionian Sea just west of the Greek holiday island of Kefalonia at the weekend following a 4.7 magnitude quake recorded off the coast of the island on the previous Friday.

kefalonia earthquake

European ministers have earmarked €3.7 million from the European Union Solidarity Fund towards clean-up costs following the series of earth tremors that struck the island in January.

kefalonia myrtos

Experts say new beaches are the result of a series of earthquakes that rocked Kefalonia earlier this year. Geologists say some parts of the island have been raised by as much as 20cm

kefalonia earthquake

A strong quake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale hit Kefalonia just before dawn today (Monday February 3) sending panicked residents running out into the streets right across the island.

kefalonia earthquake 2014

The Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers says the vast majority of the hotel units on the island of Kefalonia are in a good condition after earthquakes caused major problems.

earthquake villa ruin

A state of emergency has been declared on the holiday island of Kefalonia after dozens of aftershocks followed a major earthquake tremor that shook the island at the weekend.

strintzis ferries

Residents on Ithaca are pleading for help to restore a vital ferry service to Kefalonia and the mainland. Ferry services from Patras to Ithaca, via the port of Sami have been put on hold

Fanari lighthouse on Kefalonia

Kefalonia has a large number of good ports to choose from with harbours dotted all around the island's long coastline from the main harbour at Argostoli to the tiny port at Pessada.

Demi Moore chose a Greek Island holiday

Hollywood actress Demi Moore has been spotted on the Aegean island of Mykonos. Eye-witnesses were amazed to see has slipped international media attention. Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovic, spent several days on the island of Kefalonia . . .

Argostoli harbour on Kefalonia

Kefalonia is hoping to cash in on Greek Island holiday cruises next year after a major upgrade of facilities at the main port of Argostoli Kefalonia tourist officials say more than 100 cruise liners are scheduled to tie up in Argostoli in 2012 . . .

Waterfront at Fiskardo, Kefalonia

When you think of Kefalonia, there are three things that should come to mind: drink, dance and party. If that doesn't sound like a good time to you, then perhaps the Kefalonia nightlife will be a bit over your head . . .

Kefalonia bridge collapse

Many visitors on a holiday in Kefalonia last summer will have strolled along the British-built bridge that lies across the Argostoli lagoon. The bridge has become a major Kefalonia holiday attraction. But, after many promises . . .

Kefalonia muslims at prayer

A strange sight for anyone on a late holiday break in Kefalonia would be a large group of muslims at prayer in the middle of an open field. But Pakistanis living in Kefalonia were forced out in the open when Kefalonia municipal authorities refused . . .

Kefalonia fish farm

Plans to increase the number of fish farms on Kefalonia and Ithaca have come under fierce attack from islanders. They accuse regional officials of bulldozing through plans to allow vast fish farms to be built off the coasts . . .

Myrtos beach on Kefalonia

UK holidaymakers are giving Kefalonia island the thumbs down, with 1,800 fewer tourists taking Kefalonia holidays last month. The drop in visitor numbers in Kefalonia comes despite a surge in UK visitors to other Greek holiday islands . . .

Robola wine from Kefalonia

Everyone enjoys a few glasses of wine when on holiday and what better than to taste wine that has been grown in Greek Island vineyards of Kefalonia.

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