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Windsurfing holidays in Lefkas

- by Mike Harkness

Windsurfing holidays in Lefkas.

Anyone looking for a summer windsurfing break will be hard put to find anywhere better than a holiday in Lefkas.

Set in a deep, sheltered bay on the south coast of Lefkas, the Greek island holiday resort of Vassiliki bursts into life from May to August when the surf sailors come out in force.

On any summer afternoon, scores of windsurfers can be seen speeding across the bay in a spectacular blur of holiday colour.

Vassiliki is a growing beach holiday center in its own right and, after the resort of Nidri in the east, it is the second largest beach resort to be found on Lefkas.

The village of Vassiliki is located on the eastern side of Vassiliki Bay, while the western side of the bay is called Ponti.

A coastal road runs between Vassiliki and Ponti, and it is an easy and pleasant walk from one end of the holiday beach to the other, The road leads to yet another stretch of beach at Agiofili

Vassiliki beach is mainly pebble with some banks of shingle but it is gently shelving and so Vassiliki is a very popular holiday spot for families with young children.

The shallow water is also a big hit with windsurfers as it shallow for a good way out into the bay. But the biggest windsurfer plus for Vassiliki is the the afternoon breeze that is affectionately known as 'Eric'.

Mornings on Vassiliki beach are pretty much like any other Greek island holiday beach. But local thermal conditions are responsible for a brisk afternoon breeze that has surfers skipping across the waves in droves. This is the main reason that Vassiliki is considered one of the windsurfing capitals of Europe.

Windsurfing lessons are offered all along the beach for those that want to start up in the sport and the light morning winds create great conditions to learn surfing skills. Then, once you have mastered the basics you can try your hand with the experts in the brisk afternoon winds.

For those not interested in surfing Vassiliki is still a popular holiday spot. The village is quite small and it still retains much of the traditional Greek character along with its many older buildings.

There is a very attractive harbour front area with seafront cafes, fish restaurants and ice cream shops. The harbour is also a popular stopping off point for visiting yacht flotillas as well as the place to catch a ferry to Kefalonia in the summer season.

There is no bank in Vassiliki but there are cash machines and money can easily be exchanged at local travel shops. Other village facilities include a post office, medical centre, bakery and petrol station.

There is a bus service to Lefkada Town, about 40km, although this varies in frequency throughout the year. There are few buses on a Sunday. Vassiliki beach is also served by taxi boats in the summer season.